Chronic Pain Tree 36x6 inches

Outside of the nitpicking, I still like it, :smiley:.

Really like the…layout? Scene? Atmosphere? It gives a sense of loneliness, the mountain is far off in the distance, and no other trees around. The height and fullness of the branches gives a sense of its strength it once had. The green part, being so high up, gives the sense of growth/life being possible through almost the entirety of its form.

Yeah, I like it.


This is beautiful and I love the shape. What is it painted on?

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Very powerful! I love that long, thin canvas. Your tree and the scenery around it are both so well done.

It was a wall art print that I found for $4.00 at Hobby Lobby. Here’s a post I made about it in the “What are you working on” thread. I’m pretty sure it was a canvas, or something made to look and feel like canvas.

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Oh wow!
I keep going back to look at it. I’m not sure what feeling I’m getting from it, but it is impressive!

It’s quite lovely.

This is wonderful. I love it.

This concept really has stopping power. I like the canvas dimensions as well. The height and narrowness add to the feelings you’re creating with the tree. Nicely done!

That has a strong meaning, I really like it even though having chronic pain is really shitty. Great job

This is moving. I see and feel all that you were trying to convey. Well done. :green_heart:

I like EVERYTHING about this!!

I saw it as a thumbnail the day you posted it but couldn’t bring myself to look because I knew it was going to bring on strong emotions, which it indeed did.

Two years ago we left the Canadian Rockies and moved to Atlantic Canada, I’m missing the mountains so, so much.

We used to hike a lot when our sons were younger and I’ve seen scenes just like your painting. Hiking high into the mountains, finding colourful alpine meadows and there stands one lone tree, trying its best to survive. Oh the beautiful memories your painting evokes for me. Somehow I can be sad and happy at the same time.