Chrysanthemum & Crane Hair Fork

I think I’m on a roll with finishing work in progress pieces. I finished my Sailor Moon set last week, and now I finished this chrysanthemum and crane hair fork that I started on last year. :smiley:

I made the body of the large red glitterwire chrysanthemum last year, and I started on the crane - but I finished the crane, the small chrysanthemum, the foliage and did the finishing work over the last few days.

I made a short video showing I finished the piece:

Nothing too crazy, but it does show the finishing/binding process. Normally I use embroidery thread for binding, but this time I left the end of the small chrysanthemum long and used that to bind the arrangement to the hair pin.

This weekend I need to make progress on my exhibition piece, but after that I plan to try and finish more work in progress items. It just feels good to cross something off my list.


Stunning! This is an absolute work of art. It’s so beautifully done. That crane is amazing!


Oooh, that crane is gorgeous!

Beautiful as always! I love the look of the flower and enjoyed watching you work a bit in the video!

Absolutely fantabulous. I watched you work as well, you are such a spectacular artist!

So beautiful!! Your work is always gorgeous!