Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2021 GALLERY

got my house from thanate - love the pumpkins and the bird in the window - very cool.


How much is that birdie in the window?
Hm… flappy tail… can’t think of a good rhyme

Song aside, it’s a fun house and I, too, like the bird in the window.

I received new spooky houses to add to my collection. Thank you both, I’ve added these wonderful houses to my mantle display.

From @RagingSloth a spooky moon-filled house. I love the moon image and the words. Purple and orange, I love it, it has a wonderful feel to it. And the card is so cute.

And from @thanate a scary haunted house…oh my, is that an octopus staring at me and trying to escape, do they need help? Should I run? And the 3d pumpkins are so happy!


The moon is actually from a clothing tag from the brand Killstar. I can never force myself to throw the tags away. Lol. At least I found a use for one.


It’s great!

That moon is really pretty. I probably would have kept the tag as well and tossed it into my “interesting paper material drawer”. Or maybe with my Halloween papers. I have a hard time using things that I just have one of.

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I like those tentacles sneaking out the door. Very Lovecraftian.

got my house from Irid3sc3nt - so very cool - she went with my Hocus Pocus theme, you see the Sanderson sisters flying away, and Binks is hanging out at Billy’s gravestone. Thank you! love it!
need to post a pic of all five will try to get that done tomorrow - oh a cool bat and pumpkin extra bits - so cute. there is also a very cute batgirl on the back - will have to grab a pic of that too.

thank you so much for hosting Irid3sc3nt - it’s a big job but so happy to be in a swap again :slight_smile:


I love this! Gotta add Hocus Pocus to my list next year.

How much is that birdie in the window,
The one with the long, pokey beak?
I hope they did not cut its tongue
Just so it would learn to speak.

Hey, it’s Halloween, gross and creepy are expected!

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I received my final Chunky houses from @thanate and @irid3sc3nt ! I love them!

I love the comic book-looking vampire print and the bat on irid3sc3nt’s, and the lovely windows and pumpkin on Thanate’s. These are great. Thanks so much, you two and thank you everybody! :blush:


Oh, gosh, thank you for that! It’s wonderful. Can I use that as one of my themes for next year???


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I received two awesome chunky houses this week.

First up from @RagingSloth


Front @irid3sc3nt


Thank you both very much!


OMG, where did the crystal toad come from??

I love him! Right? It’s from a sticker book from michaels.


My house and some fun extras arrived from @irid3sc3nt yesterday. She chose my Gorey theme and I love it to bits! Thanks again for the great house and for hosting us again this year. See you next year!


Waiting for just one more.

This swap is finished. No more houses until next year, folks. Thank you for the pleasant swap experience!

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Here is the Chunky House Halloween Edition 2022 swap! It’ll be a spooky good time!