Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2021 GALLERY


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goatgoddess> MissingWillow, irid3sc3nt, artsycandice, RagingSloth, thanate
irid3sc3nt> RagingSloth, MissingWillow, goatgoddess, artsycandice
marionberries> RagingSloth, thanate
MissingWillow> irid3sc3nt, goatgoddess
RagingSloth> irid3sc3nt, marionberries, artsycandice, goatgoddess, thanate
thanate> marionberries, artsycandice, RagingSloth, goatgoddess

Everyone has received!


Can’t wait to see this Halloween goodness!

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Looking forward to them being delivered!

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The neighborhood will be growing soon. Love those spooky neighbors.

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got my wonderful house! MissingWillow did a outstanding job, love it! It will go great with my other
Halloween things - speaking of which I need to get busy with that :slight_smile: thank you so much!


So glad you like it! Happy Halloween

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A wonderful spooky start. I really like the moth wings.

Yes, it is a great start to the gallery! Is the stalactite-looking bunting at the top made out of felt or some kind of paper or chipboard or… ? It’s really neat paired with the spider web. It looks like the house has a lot of dimension to it.

It’s a section of a 12x12 chipboard frame that I think is meant as a scrapbook layout embellishment. I’ve had it forever and was happy to finally have a use for it.

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The house that @goatgoddess made me arrived this afternoon and I LOVE it! She chose my zombie sheep theme and it’s perfect. This one is going in my permanent display of zombie sheep I have received from Craftsters/Lettuce Crafters over the years. Thank you so much!



glad it got there ok and that you like it :slight_smile:

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Oh those dangerous zombie sheep! It’s perfect!

Heh—that’s great! I think I got the other side of the empty lot in the neighborhood, which is clearly filled w/ zombie sheep’s victims. :heart_eyes:

Thanks, @goatgoddesss!


I love the rather cheery sunflowers with skulls! Those abandoned lots hold surprises! I love this!

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How fun is that?!

Oooh I’m intrigued by the painted backgrounds. Acrylic on…?

chalk paint using the board on the back of watercolor pads (not sure what that is called but always hang onto any stiff cardboard for things like this :slight_smile: . all my acrylic dried up, had a bunch but haven’t used them in years soooo but lucky I had started buying some chalk paint so had something to use. and distress inks also (the green) Glad you like your house thanate.

Hunh… I haven’t heard of chalk paint. I’ve heard of chalk ink for stamping. It looks great!

I have another house - just got it today. :slight_smile: thank you artsycandice, really like the watercolor work you did on this - love it.


Fun images! I like how the windows open as well. That blue face is probably my favorite. LIke the man in the moon.