Cinnamoroll Fly By

My niece’s birthday is this weekend and her fave character right now is Cinnamoroll from Sanrio. I made this art for her last night with her name (name blurred for privacy). I was hoping to use all alcohol markers for the piece…but despite having 200 of the things, I couldn’t find the right blue for the sky. So I broke out my watercolors and then finished things with a black liner pen. Here’s hoping she likes it!


Adorable! She will love this!

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Super cute!!

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Adorable!! My girls love Sanrio. Cinnamoroll is definitely having a moment!

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That’s the problem with markers, you always need one more color! Ha! This turned out great. I love the contrast of markers and watercolor. It makes the focal points stand out more.

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Thank you, @Bunny1kenobi, @PrincessP, @Abbeeroad, @gozer!


I am guessing that she LOVED it!