Circus on a box

I made this for @artsycandice in the Box of whimsies swap. She has loads of carnival-ish stuff on her Pinterest so that’s the direction I went in.

Thanks for looking!


So many wonderful details! Love the stripes and stars and the bunting! How are the elephant and clown stuck on the top?

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Thanks! The elephant and clown are adhered with adhesive foam so they stand up a bit from the box.

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Thanks…I like the 3-D effect!

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I love this so much! It is so whimsical.

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Cute! Is “baby bunting” a happy coincidence, or was that added by you? It’s perfect!

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This is so pretty. I love the way the images are slightly elevated. The sides are so neatly done. Awesome box.


I added the tiny bunting!

Thanks, everyone!

So evocative of the aaesthetic! Love it!

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Thank you!!

What a great little keepsake!

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Who wouldn’t love to receive this? It’s charming

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Aww, thank you!! :heart: