Clean or Replace Sizzix Big Shot plates?

My Sizzix Big Shot saw a lot of action this past Halloween and has tiny pieces of paper embedded into the crevices from the die cuts. This hasn’t been an issue until now when I’m trying to use white paper and the old black paper I had used is creating remnants on the white paper… sort of like lint.

Is there a way to clean the plates? I tried a dry toothbrush which removed some of it, but there’s still some left.
Do I purchase new plates? I’d hate to just throw these old ones away.

I’ve had some pretty good luck using masking tape and really rubbing it on before peeling it off. It took a few tries.

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Thank you!

Would an eraser work? I’ve used that successfully on a self-healing mat.

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I will try that as well. I use the white Pentel High-Polymer erasers. I used to really like the grey ones that you can knead and squish, but my last one lost its elasticity so quick that I haven’t purchased another one.

That’s a great idea as well.

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