Cleaning bits off cricut mat

Any tips for how I can remove these pieces of Mylar from my mat? I think the mat was too sticky and I’m finding I have to bend and scrape off each tiny piece which is hurting my hands and destroying the mat from scratching it with the spatula.

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Have you tried using warm water and Dawn?

The warmth should soften the vinyl and make it easier to rub off…

Rubbing alcohol is also a good cleaner, but I am not sure if it will remove the vinyl. Can you test on a small area?

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Oof! That’s a lot o’ pickin’! Have you tried the scraper tool? I use that tool almost exclusively for removing tricky things from mats. Sometimes with putting the mat face down on a non-linty surface and rolling it up - wedging scraper in and pressing towards the table surface. Still fiddly, but doesn’t seem to scrape the mat.


Honestly? I’d pitch it. Life’s too short, and Cricut mats are cheap enough (in the USA). Target has them 2 for $6.49. Lesson learned to use an older (less sticky) mat for that kind of paper.


Tbh that’s what I ended up doing :slight_smile:


sounds like you already tossed it, but I would have tried sticking duct tape to it, smoothing it for a really good stick, then pulling off.

Duct tape is a good idea. I tried packing tape but it wasn’t sticky enough so it didn’t have any effect.