Cleaning rubber stamps with Simple Green

I need to clean my rubber stamps and I’ve never done it before. I was hoping to save money as I only have a few stamps so I would like to avoid buying stamp cleaner if I can.

According to the internet I should use soap and water, but I also found this using Simple Green. I have a bottle on hand so it would be a good option for me.

Has anyone tried this and would you recommend? Thank you!

When I took a printmaking class back in college we used Simple Green to clean all of our printing materials (unless using oil based paints, then had to use turpentine :grimacing:) So I think you should be fine.

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I have not used Simple Green but I have used Murphy’s oil soap to clean brushes, stamps, and stencils.

And recently read about soaking stencils in dishwasher detergent and that worked well also.

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TBH I never clean my stamps. I guess I should if I wanted to switch colors but I usually just stamp on the new color and off on scrap paper until the old color is gone.

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Simple Green is a solvent for acrylic and latex paints, so depending on what you stamp with it could work wonders! However, if your stamps have latex or acrylic, it could damage them.

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Honestly? I just take them to the sink when I wash my hands and give them a quick clean. Even if the surface retains some of the ink colour I haven’t found that it matters later, even when stamping with lighter colours.

Hmm… I’m also side eyeing the fact that this cleaning tip is on the product website. Sure, it could work, but hand soap is also pretty gentle. If I already had it on hand I might try, but I wouldn’t buy it just for that.

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Thank you so much you guys! I was using some metallic ink pads on homemade wrapping paper and it has left a residue that I haven’t seen from my other ink pads. It is very reminiscent of acrylic paint residue so while I think soap and water would work, simple green might require less agitation. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out.


Depending on what your stamps are made of, a bit of light agitation/scrubbing might not be an issue. Julie Balzer uses a nail brush to lightly scrub block printing ink out of her stamps that were carved from speedy carve.

If the metallic ink you used is similar to acrylic, I’d leave the stamps soaking in water (assuming they’re not mounted) to keep the ink from drying in the grooves of the stamp. I think if you let acrylic dry in it, it’s never coming out. Since yours is an ink, it’s probably not an issue but more mentioning in case you do start stamping with acrylics.

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