CLOSED -50 Projects in 2020

This is a brilliant idea. I need to turn my scraps into scrunchies!

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I use around 4-5inches by about 20inches (I have taken a fat eighth and split the 9in in half and it works well) for the fabric. And then the elastic is 6-8 inches depending on the width. I’m using 3/8ths right now but I like 1/4 a little better. Stays stretchier which is good as they all wear them on wrists.

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Oh no, I’m not a pattern writer. I used this pattern:

It is cute…there are patterns for everything you could want these days!

Cute Pokémon! Little fangs!! It looks really tricky to make

The scrunchies are great - good way to use stash too!

The pillows are made!


They are gorgeous! And those are the parts that your friend didn’t really like??!

The bag is the parts my friend didn’t like for pillows. The 4 pillows were the parts she did like.

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First thing done! Finally finished a giant 3 ft by 3 ft canvas that has been hanging on my studio wall in all its underpainting glory for almost a year


It’s beautiful!

Hooray @Lynx they look wonderful!!

Gosh, @alteredmommy, that painting is gorgeous!!

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I have two completed projects to share a small mixed media canvas from the little good things swap and a rice heating pad/ice pack.



here’s my first finish of 2020!

1 down, 49 to go!


This is beautiful! I can’t believe it’s that large!!!

@wereradletshug That quilt is amazing. My mind is blown thinking about how much time you must have put into it.

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The quilt is glorious!

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What a fabulous first finish…and such a large project! It is striking…just love the use of the white/light color…it grounds the darks and patterns…gorgeous…

Now the rest will seem like cake! Kind of like in business…get the hard stuff done first and then coast the rest of the time…ha (I bet you have quite a few more big projects like this, however… :wink: )

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The pillows are lovely, @Lynx! What a nice thing to do for your friend.

Oh my gosh, @Trillian, that dress is so tiny and perfect!

Cute ami, @fishstix43! Is that a Pokemon?

@alteredmommy, That is gorgeous, and huge!

Beautiful quilt, @wereradletshug. I love all the music-themed fabrics!

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@FrizzyTyger, I love your cat canvas you posted on the art board - but the image doesn’t seem to be working in this thread. Yay for getting some projects done!

@wereradletshug that quilt is wonderful! Great stylish neutral palette too!

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I just love the colors in your shrug…I made a similar one for a mod swap and have always intended to make myself one as well…

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