Appliqued Quilts re-purposed into Pillow Covers

For the backstory on the quilts used to make these pillows, visit mt appliqued quilt to bag post. For the short version, I was handed down a couple quilts from my art teacher friend who wanted them made into pillow covers.

I cut the quilts into (4) 18" squares so I could make pillow covers for 16" pillows. These were the pillows my friend was most interested in:

This was the smallest quilt, so there wasn’t any left over quilting for any other projects.

The other quilt had houses, birds, and some children. She didn’t like the children part for a pillow, and that’s what I made into the aforementioned bag.

Here are the pillows made from the other quilt alongside the matching bag:

I am most familiar with the envelope pillow style, so that was the closure I used. I think the fabric is really pretty and happy it matched both quilts:

I used a sew in hemming tape to help me easily create the inside seam. I used the hemming tape, then folded again and sewed down the folded edge.

Here are all the pillows and the bag all together:

I was really excited to find and order (4) 16" pillow inserts from for $13 plus tax and shipping. Great deal!

I am really happy with how this turned out and it makes me want to rescue more misfit quilts!

Thanks for looking!


Wow! These quilts are treasures. I’m so glad you saved them. The pillows are just as beautiful as the tote. Well done.


Ya know, when you think it’s “wrong” to cut into someone’s quilt, then remember that maybe it was meant to be something new and exciting!


The tree and house one, with the cloud bird in the sky is WONDERFUL. :metal:

I can’t imagine just having these bases just laying around in some closet.


These came out so beautifully. You should be really proud of them.

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Thank you!

These are so sweet.

the quilts remind me of folk art…in fabric…the happy bright colors and the crude, child-like drawings…wonderful way that you were able to preserve so many nice parts…

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These are so lively and wonderful!!

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Beautiful job repurposing the quilts! The fabric you chose for the back is quite lovely too!

I found it humorous that your art teacher friend didn’t like the children because in my mind she is a high school teacher. :smile:

She is actually an elementary teacher.

These are just all kinds of joyful. Love!

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How cool that you could turn them into something that can still be used :smiley: so colourful and pretty, great job


Love these so much! Very cool that you could repurpose old quilts into something new and useful.

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These are really pretty and unique. I really like the flower ones your friend wanted. They are all fun though.

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Yeah, the flower one really lent itself to pretty pillows. Thanks.

Yeah! I agree! Now it makes me want to save and re-purpose lots of quilts!

Wow, those are so incredibly lovely!

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