CLOSED -50 Projects in 2020

@Bunny1kenobi Those notecards have such a great vintage feel. I especially love the marbled one.

@poetrylover828 Are those skunks I spy on your shorts!? (well there’s a phrase I never thought I’d say…)

@jemimah That panda tote is too cute. I love his kind of befuddled expression

@Lynx I’m sure your son’s teacher is going to love that journal - definitely one of a kind with a really neat graphic feel.

@tendstowardschaos Your beanie looks so cozy warm. Did you spin the yarn yourself?

I finally got a picture of my first sewing project of 2020. I sewed four dresses using this fabric in various sizes but only kept one for myself.


I like the tiny geometric shape fabric-- it reminds me of handmade paper with little colored bits.

I’ve been playing with the pencil pouch pattern, too.


Those are skunks XD the fabric is really cute. And I thought they were quite fun.


I like the speckling of the red and blue

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@Trillian thank you!!

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I played with turquoise burlap today!

Turquoise Burlap Bag with Quilted Liner


Yes, I did!

That dress is too cute! Your doll is really pretty, too!

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I just finished this shawl tonight that I started back in November. I got distracted by other projects so this has been on my desk for a couple months. Now I can focus on something else. I do have another wip I could do as soon as I find where I put it!

This makes my 12th project so far this year already! (others posted in their own threads as well)


What a lovely pattern! Looks like you made the best of the yarn you had…lovely as a neck shawl…


second finish!


cute! Well done.

Need a few prickly spines to make the sign a bit ominous…or maybe even a few more periods…muah ha ha ha Is everything really fine? ha ha ha


I just finished my 4th and 5th item today: a skirt and my stitchalong entry. I will create threads for both of them as soon as I have proper pictures. I didn’t start a thread for the mug rug I made for @plaidpineapple as it contains her full name but in my project list Here I’ve added a link to the picture she took with her name covered.

I’m on winter break from grad school and I’m just trying to cram as many projects as I can in those precious weeks of no studying (still working though, so still not a lot of spare time). Next week the madness starts again, so that means one weekend of fulltime crafting left!


Love all your projects that you managed to squeeze in…real life gets in the way of crafting, but you are doing great…look forward to more creations…

I really loved your Me and Him stitching…something for yourself and the Mr.!!!

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Honestly if I knew they would turn out so cute I’d have made them a long time ago!

Hope he likes them too, he’ll get to see them tomorrow night when they are properly framed in their hoops. He’s really not into anything too cute or romantic so I hope he likes them!


A couple more projects under my belt:

A bday card for my brother


My first attempt at masterboards



Those are perfect masterboards! Wait til you cut them up and then see how cool they look smaller!


I’m working on a crochet blanket for a friend. Been on the WiPs list since last April. If I can muster the time for 3 rows per day I will have it done by the end of March (if I manage to be not-myself and do a simple border*) which would be great as that would give me time to mail it before her birthday.

*On an unrelated note: Does anyone know how to crochet a plaid border? Asking for a friend.


I love those masterboards!!! :grin:


Everyone’s projects are looking so great!! I haven’t done much the last few days - darn work getting in the way of crafting time. But looking at all your cool things is firing up creative ideas for my next day off!

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@Bunny1kenobi You will love working with your masterboards! Once they get cut up, you can add more if you want, but they will be wonderful backdrops for so many projects!

@AntBee Sounds like you have a plan…I have a few afghans like that…if I can do a little each week, I can get most of them done by summer!!! Let’s do it! I have a white baby one with little granny squares and one that is fabric and crochet…weekly check in? ha ha

I have no idea what a plaid border is…curious now!