Turquoise Burlap bag with quilted liner

My favorite go-to end of year teacher gift is a quilted tote bag. I like this because it’s become quick and easy and it’s very customize-able. This year, I found my lining fabric first–the rulers, which are perfect for a math teacher–then saw this amazing turquoise burlap. Whoa!

I’d never worked with burlap, so obviously I’d never made a bag with burlap. This would require me to think a few steps backwards. Like, the lining would have to be the quilted part instead of the burlap.


Then I realized that due to the nature of the burlap, once I quilt the lining to the batting, if I were to keep it that way, the other side of the batting would be exposed. That just won’t work.


I had also purchased some stabilizer for some t-shirt quilts I plan to make, so I decided to use that for the exposed side of the batting and it worked like a charm! And, it gave me a perfect canvas to draw my quilting lines!

I always box my corners to make the bag sit flat.

Here is my lining and outside before they are put together:

I added a small stripe of the ruler fabric and made sure to add a blanket stitch to the burlap for much needed added sturdiness.

Next, more thinking–where do I add the straps (I use belt rope) so that when I turn it right side out it’s right. thinking thinking Got it!

The straps are a little longer than I usually make them, but I tend to forget what usually is, so it doesn’t really matter. She can actually wear this cross-body if she’d like.


Great job! It came out so cute.


Love it!


That gorgeous turquoise burlap matches the ruler fabric perfectly. Well done you!


It turned out very nice!

Did you have to do anything to the burlap to keep it from fraying? Was it difficult to work with/sew? I love the look of it…sort of like the old “feed sack” bags…only more modern and stylish…

Wait, wait…I thought I saw a hummingbird stamp on your in progress pics…are you going to do more? :wink:


Yes, you saw the hummingbird stamp…no, it wasn’t for this project.

It was really easy to sew with, but I made sure to sew it with the blanket stitch to help keep it from fraying. The cutting it was hardest so that it would be the correct size.

Yeah, it does kinda look like a feed sack. I see a beach bag!


It is pretty enough to take around town…nice to look at and well made…thanks for sharing your tip about “lining” the lining…you think of all the little details!


I actually do that when I make my zipper pencil pouches (I haven’t shared any here) which gave me the idea to do it here. It would’ve looked unfinished with the batting showing.


The colors look great


I love hearing your thought process. I’ve made several bags (but none from patterns) and I am constantly walking myself through how something will function, and how the pieces need to go in order, so I don’t have to tear out.

A project high on my list is also a drawstring bag (for a knitter friend), so I was double interested. Good stuff, my friend.



I also want to do a drawstring type bag…I got one in a swap from luckdragon and it is my most favorite knitting bag of all time! I am constantly taking a project out of the bag to put another one in as I travel…I need more…I might try a burlap bag…but not for knitting as I think the roughness would catch the yarn…can’t wait to see your creations as well!


My favorite is a drawstring bag! I’ve used zipper ones, and they catch on the yarn and makes my freak out (but in a calm way, because you can’t frantically rip at it) and I really love the inset drawstring component. I think someone here might have even pointed to the free pattern I am looking at to use for the construction framework of mine. IT MIGHT EVEN BE LYNX! ha! @Lynx did you post to a drawstring bag? I think it was a for a lunchbox? it was a gift for someone at a school?

humm - i just went through her history and don’t see it.


That turquoise burlap is amazing and this bag is the perfect thing for it! The rulers are adorable! What a thoughtful and useful teacher gift! I love working with burlap: that you can pull a thread so easily to cut perfectly with the grain is such a treat. The jute smell can get a bit much, but I just always prewash.


Fabulous bag, I love the ruler fabric!

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I never would have thought to pre-wash, but I’ll admit I rarely ever think to pre-wash anything as I get too anxious to just use it!

Yes, the smell is a bit much, but the look was definitely worth it!

@JoyfulClover maybe check with @geekgirl about the pattern she used for the cool sloth drawstring bag she made me for the Mini 12 Days of Christmas.

That would be hilarious if it was her!!

Thanks for the direction!

I’ll send you a msg

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Ooo, yes! I can totally see this on the beach.:sunglasses:

Great fabric choices, excellent solutions, all around great bag!

Rulers are perfect for a math teacher. Love the colors. I’m sure she loved it!