CLOSED:: Craft My Collectable Swap S/U by 2/10, S/O by 3/24

Idea 1 is about to be in process :grin:. As long as I have ___ and ___ in my craft room.

5 day hard lockdown as of midnight tonight, but I needed to go to the craft store for ____ :sob:

I touched base with my partner. Now I need to narrow down the ideas.

I have a plan but I had to order a supply.

A question for everyone…

How long have you been collecting the items on your lists?

Mine are all relatively new collections, but mostly things I’ve loved for ages!

I have been collecting most things for about 15 years.

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Just about these last two years, for my halloween collection. Ive always love halloween stuff, but just recently gave myself permission to be the crazy halloween lady I’ve always wanted to be. It started with my halloween themed kitchen, but I kept finding so much awesome secondhand stuff I expanded it into the living/dining rooms too.

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Most of mine are fairly recent, since the things I’ve been collecting longer are either hard to add to without duplicating, something I’ve mostly finished with, or, um, craft supplies! :laughing:

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Most of my collections are new within the last 3 or so years. The last time I moved I started a few new collections. More space=more crafts!

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How long have you been collecting @Bugaboo? :slight_smile:

It depends on the collection. LOL! My dog stuff has been for about 15 years. Dolls I have my entire life. Halloween stuff, about 15 years but my husband collections is going on 30 years. Vintage linens have been years-I don’t even remember. Vintage embroidery patterns for about 17 years.

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I’ve been collecting books all my life :joy:. Harry Potter since 2001. Ye gods I’m old.

Sorry this head cold threw me for a loop this week UGH! Back, stuffed up, but much better!!
Since I just collect random oddities I have items I have had for 40 years. I always go by the rule if I really love something it will be timeless in my home!

@Tapestry that’s not old!!! Old is, we have a collection of HP that was started when they came out and began as my now 30 yr olds book collection…I’m old!! But I don’t creek yet

I have been on again, off again, stalking and plotting and even crafting! New puppy this week and head cold means my house took a nose dive because I live with slobs! However, I have 3 wonderful partners @PrincessP @veghorsegirl @Dfabbric have some really neat stuff pinned and that they collect! The 7 yr old twins just left to go sledding so I have a choice here…change sheets and vacuum or go craft…which do we think I am choosing???


I feel like I have been collecting some of mine for about a decade. I think a lot started when I moved into my current house

I finished one project. I am waiting for supplies, which should be here today, to finish the other piece.

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Fantastic! You might be our first sender :wink:

I got my supply item(s) I ordered and hope to start crafting tonight

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Swatting on a couple of supplies here as well though I have a large stash to draw from I always seem to need something!

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Is it wrong that I have the almost uncontrollable urge to buy craft supplies for this swap because I can’t for the Use What You Have swap?