COMPLETED:: Craft My Collectable Swap S/U by 2/10, S/O by 3/24

Do you already have a collection or perhaps you want to start one? Are mad for a fandom, or already have an awesome collection of themed merch?
Maybe you think that traffic cones are the bees knees? Or maybe you’re more of a tiny chair aficionado? This swap is for you!


download 84352983 crazy-collections-winnie-the-pooh

Welcome to Craft My Collectible hosted by@PrincessP

For this swap we are going to be crafting something for our partner that fits along a theme of something they would like to collect. The craft medium (fabric/fibre/paper/etc) is up to the sender so they can make the most of their talents for you, but you will be able to let them know what you love on your swap sign up form, they might just be able to accommodate this. For each partner you will need to make one medium or two small items. If choosing 2 smalls, you could choose two separate themes from your partner’s list if you’d like.
~Medium (2+ hours crafting time [not including drying time, etc]) ~Small (Minimum 1 hour crafting time). You may request up to three partners for this swap, to really build up your collection.


  • Swap name: Craft My Collectable
  • Lettuce Crafter who is organising this swap: @PrincessP
  • Sign-up date range: 1/27/21-2/10/21
  • Date to send item - on or before 3/24/21
  • Limited to a certain number of people? No
  • Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No
  • Age requirement? 18


  • Must be a member of Lettuce Craft for at least 30 days
  • Must have posted at least 15 times on Lettuce Craft
  • Must have read the Lettuce Craft Swap Rules
  • New swappers can only be in one swap at a time
  • Previous swappers can only be in five swaps at a time
  • Participant is at least 18 years old
  • Participant must comment in the thread at least once per week and check regularly for swap updates
  • If posting within the US, a delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap
  • If outside the US, a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap

:black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

Please answer the following questionnaire to help guide your swap partner. Copy, fill it in and send to @PrincessP via PM :slight_smile: Please do not reply here.

Craft My Collectable
LC username:
Email address:
Your real name and address AS IT NEEDS TO APPEAR ON THE PACKAGE

How many swap partners would you like (up to 3)?
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside of your own country? YES/NO
Confirm that you are at least 18 years old. YES/NO
Are you able to take photos of the package you receive to share in the gallery?
Do you understand that you will be required to send 1 medium OR 2 small items per swap partner?
For this swap, a medium item means 2 or more hours of crafting, not including waiting/drying time.
Do you want to make/send extras?

Please list a minimum of 3 themes that you are interested in collecting. Feel free to elaborate as much as you’d like for your partner :slight_smile:
What crafts do you love to make?
What crafts would you love to receive?
Is there anything you would NOT want to receive?

Do you have any allergies that could be a problem?
Do you have any allergens in your home?

Is there anything you would like to tell your swap partner?

Link to your Pinterest (if you have one) for extra information for your partner:

If you have any questions, please PM @PrincessP :slight_smile: Happy Swapping!


Reserved for Partner Info


@PrincessP ~ Up to 3 partners
@audity ~ 1 partner
@Tapestry ~ 1 partner
@momiemae ~ 1 or 2 partners
@kittykill ~ 1 partner
@Dfabbric ~ 3 partners
@Bugaboo ~ 3 partners
@thanate ~ 2 partners but flexible
@veghorsegirl ~ 1 partner
@geekgirl ~ 1 partner

:black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:

Sent :package:
Received :love_letter:

@PrincessP --> @Bugaboo
@PrincessP --> @geekgirl
@PrincessP --> @thanate

@audity --> @momiemae

@Tapestry --> @Dfabbric :package:

@momiemae --> @audity :package:
@momiemae --> @kittykill :package:

@Dfabbric --> @Tapestry :package: :love_letter:
@Dfabbric --> @Bugaboo :package: :love_letter:
@Dfabbric --> @thanate :package: :love_letter:

@Bugaboo --> @PrincessP
@Bugaboo --> @Dfabbric
@Bugaboo --> @veghorsegirl

@thanate --> @PrincessP :package:
@thanate --> @Dfabbric :package:

@veghorsegirl --> @Bugaboo

@geekgirl --> @PrincessP :package:

@kittykill --> @momiemae :package: :love_letter:

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I can’t wait to join this one! I’m so excited!


I plan to join this once I have time to fill out my Q! :slight_smile:

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Just sent my q!!! So very exciting!

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Woohoo @audity! Thanks for jumping on board :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m only letting myself do one swap this round so I’m utterly torn between this one and the “use what you have” swap. Though I suppose I could just use what I have to craft a collectible…

Oh to heck with it, I should do both right? Both sounds good.


i had the same thought about the swaps!


Welcome to the swap @Tapestry :grinning:

You’re totally right about crafting from stash for this swap, although I did just sign up for Use What You Have too :wink:

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I think I will do this one.

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Welcome aboard @momiemae :grinning:

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Thanks for joining us @kittykill!

What a wonderful bunch of crafters are here already :purple_heart:

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Let’s welcome @Dfabbric to our swap :hugs:

This is so tempting since I collect “unusual” things… but I’d have some serious swap anxiety with wanting to make my partner something wonderful :grimacing:

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I’m sure whatever you make your partner in any swap they’d be happy with :grinning:

Sent my Q so excited

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What are people putting for their collectables? (I’m thinking about this, but only thought of one thing so far)

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I like an eclectic collection of art like pieces so listed artists I enjoy. I also like macrame and pots for indoor house plants. And I adore giraffe anything, the print, the look, the animal. So those were mine


Halloween, weirdo art doll, and toy story aliens


I forgot about Halloween!
Dolls (Bythe, Barbie)
Dog stuff

I can’t remember the last thing I put. LOL! I also collect old letters. I love old diaries and letters.