CLOSED - Harry Potter Craftalong - Midsummer 2022

@tendstowardschaos belatedly catching up here, that quilt is amazing!!

@MistressJennie I’d heard about the formula issues but never associated it with Ada :scream: I hope the supply is a bit better?

@Abbeeroad that Simpsons badge is brilliant.

Class Headmistress July.
House Ravenclaw
Project, cake
Sometimes you just need cake, I’m going to have lunch with a friend and so I wanted to bring some cake. @jemimah recently sent me an awesome bird painting that had the words ‘a party without cake is just a meeting’ which is completely true! So I made cake.

Although it’s more a slice than a cake, from an old Australian women’s weekly cook book. Coconut and raspberry. I left it in the oven for longer than recommended because I like coconut cooked until it’s really chewy. Be aware if you make this, that this kind of desiccated coconut is unsweetened. Reduce the sugar if you’re using the sweetened kind.

Class: herbology
House: Ravenclaw
Project: altered jacket, hand printed and recut.

I’ve been working on my advanced studies, which is a steampunk costume for a wedding I’m attending in August. I needed some kind of jacket as the evening could be cool. So I thrifted a red jacket, but when I got it home the colour wasn’t right (I have terrible colour memory) so I decided to have a go at adjusting how the colour reads. It’s 100% polyester so I couldn’t use any of my dyes. But first I cut it to fit just to my natural waist line, and cut tails at the back. This was to allow room for the bustle on my skirt.

I cut a simple gear shape and mixed up a red closer to the one I wanted. This shape was cut from a thin craft foam sheet, with a scissors. Then I printed all over the coat, added stripes. I still wasn’t happy, so I went back in with a posca marker to outline each gear.

Then I used a commercial cling stamp to print some white fabric (lining from thrifted curtains) I lined the tails of the coat, the corners will be turned back with a button so the lining will show.

I plan to add ruffles to the sleeves of the blouse I’m wearing underneath, so I added slits to the sleeves to accommodate them.

The outfit so far on a mannequin, which is a lot smaller than me so it all looks bunched up

Still to do on this outfit.
*Add buttons to the tails and as a closure.
*Cut the blouse down and add a ruffle neck and sleeves
*Sew lots of ribbon bows onto the skirt
*Hand sew ultra thin led strip all over the back of the skirt.
*Make a bandolier with pouches for accessories.
*Make a crow skull topped staff.



Louise cake!! That’s a very traditional and popular baking recipe in Aotearoa - I love Louise cake :sparkling_heart: I hope your friend enjoyed it!

Is that what is called? I never knew that, it was delicious, we all enjoyed it.

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Class or Challenge Title: Advance Studies Progress
House: Slytherin :snake:
Project Name & Page Link: Ouzo Cardigan AS
Brief Description: More than 2 hours of progress on WIP since proposal. I don’t think there was a progress post last quarter, I can’t find one even though I meant to post one. Ugh… The back piece is finished, as is one of the front flaps. I’m half way through the second front flap, then it needs to be washed, blocked and seamed together! I might get to wear it in August, LOL. Things get done so slowly with a baby!
Project Picture:
Before (the beginning of the back piece, some time in March):



It’s gorgeous!

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Project Name: (Not) Pink Fizz Sweater
House: Slytherin :snake:
Brief Description: This is an oversized sweater for me, so the size alone will cause it to be a long term project. The pattern calls for Fingering weight and lace mohair to be held double (creating a sport weight combo), but I will be using a sport weight yarn alone. The decorative panels among the sides are a mix of cables and lace.

Despite the pattern name, I will not be using pink because it’s just not my jam. Pink Fizz by Andrea Mowrey (Ravelry link).



Class or Challenge Title: Transfiguration
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Summer top from men's workshirt
Brief Description: I upcycled a men’s workshirt to fit me with a more feminine look.
Project Picture


Harry Potter! :heart_eyes: I hope to participate but not sure yet. I’m going to enjoy looking at y’all’s beautiful creations! My house is… Gryffindor!! Woot!


Welcome @Juju!

@CraftsUntold - your not pink fizz sweater has been added to the AS project log! Can’t wait to see it!

@craftykb - what an excellent transformation!

@Juju - Hope you join us! Go Gryffindor! :lion:


Class: Care of Magical Creatures
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Peace Catcher
Brief Description: Day 1 of the Fodder Challenge was to make this fun peace catcher, featuring a feathery fringe.
Project Picture:

Class: Transfiguration
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Mixed Media Painted Pins
Brief Description: I upcycled some promotional pins from my mom’s work by painting them and adding some inspirational sentiments.
Project Picture:


Love your upcycled buttons darling!

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Class detention-advanced studies.
House Ravenclaw
Project work on my steampunk outfit. You can see in this picture the black lace blouse underneath

(thrifted) I opened it up along the front, and added this wired flounce to the neck, this took some adjusting, but my birthday present dress form came in very useful.

Then with the piece cut off the bottom, I added flounces to the sleeves. This blouse will sit under the corset (I’m too big and squashy to feel comfy with nothing underneath)

These will peek out of the tailcoat sleeve slits. I also added fancy buttons to the tails.

And I copper toed my boots

Class: Detention repair
House Ravenclaw

The white fabric was first a pair of curtains which I got in the thrift shop. A few years ago I made them into slip covers for a small sofa. That sofa is gone now, so they’ve become spats for my steampunk costume. I wrapped my shins in fabric and ducttape to make a pattern and winged it after that. The red and black are ribbons. But I love the buttons. I picked them up as part of a collection in a street market about 30 years ago. They are metal, so I copper foiled the faces, to go with my very shiny toed boots.


You have to give more details on those boots…the spats are also another nice touch to this look…wow…you are going all out!

The boots are just a cheap pair of pleather ones. I used copper leaf on the toes, tried copper paint, but it wasn’t shiny enough. The metal leaf isn’t very durable, so I gave it a couple of coats of fixative. It only has to last one day!

the leaf that I used is similar to this

€ 4,60 10%OFF | 16 x 16 cm 100 Sheets Imitation Gold Leaf Foil Sheets Gilding Copper Aluminum Leaf


I am, but this wedding was twice postponed because of Covid, so I want to really make an effort as I’m so happy that it’s finally happening for them


Oooh! I LOVE spats!! They look awesome! :heart_eyes:

Woo hoo! I created again! My husband brought home Covid and we were all down for the count for a while there :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone’s fine now. Yay!

Class: Alchemy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Apple Turnover Soap
Project Description: This soap shares the rectangular shape and stripes of the Greek flag, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. The top and bottom tan layers are a lovely Angel Food Cake scent, and the middle layer is a delightful Fresh Apple. I adore how this turned out! I’m thinking about keeping one in my work locker just for the smell, lol!
Project Pic:

Class: Muggle Studies
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: Watercolour Thank You Card
Project Description: A friend of my sister’s donated some gorgeous children’s books to the library, and I wanted to make her a special thank you card. I watched a YouTube about making some watercolour cards and although they looked really sophisticated (to me at least) and pretty, the execution of this one was much easier than I expected it to be. We are even going to do this as one of our library craft nights next Spring! I still can’t believe I made this, LOL!
Project Pic:


Glad you’re feeling better! Your card came out fantastic!!

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Class/Challenge: Alchemy
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Blue Rug
Brief Description: For Alchemy, I made a rug out of jersey yarn that’s blue like the Greek flag. It’s based on this pattern.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge: Book Club, Chapter 19
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Jiji the Cat
Brief Description: I crocheted a cat using this pattern (Ravelry link) out of black yarn.
Project Picture:

Class/Challenge: Care of Magical Creatures
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Chicken Yakisoba
Brief Description: For Care of Magical Creatures, I made chicken yakisoba (which includes mushrooms) using this recipe. To make cooking easier, I mixed up the sauce and cut everything up ahead of time. I used precooked chicken and some frozen mushrooms I had in the freezer.
Project Picture: