Harry Potter Craftalong - Yule 2022/23

~ Harry Potter Craftalong ~
~ October 1, 2022 - January 31, 2023 ~

Welcome to Hogwarts!

The Harry Potter Craftalong (HPC) is a way to share your crafts, cheer on friends, celebrate your love of Harry Potter, and most of all to be inspired . Each term we have class prompts inspired by Hogwarts courses, Detention challenges to motivate you on mundane tasks, & Headmistress Musings inspired by the season. Complete crafts inspired by these prompts, and you earn House Points. While the prompts themselves are HP themed, your crafts do not have to be. You may craft anything you wish. You may join anytime during a term, and participate as much, or as little as you wish. At the end of each term we take an average of each House’s Points, and declare a winner!

To participate, simply read through the prompts in the post below, find one that inspires you, create a craft to fit the challenge, then post it here. That’s all there is to it!

To submit a project, cut & paste the following header into your post, and fill in the required info. You can add more than one project to your post.

Class or Challenge Title:
SPEW or LC Contest: If your item is for charity, or was created as an entry to a contest here on LC, enter that here; if not please delete this line.
Project Name & Page Link: Add a link to your project posted here on Lettuce Craft, or to a recipe, pattern, etc.
Brief Description: How it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.
Project Picture: REQUIRED! No picture = No House Points

-Projects should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.
-For a project to be counted, it must have a picture or a link to a picture included at the time of posting . If your item is a private piece, or is being kept secret for a Swap, you are more than welcome to send a Private Message directly to the the Headmistress.
-For any cooking/food project, in addition to a photo, you must post a complete recipe , or a link to the recipe you used. No recipe = no points.

~ HPC FAQs ~
-Do you sort me? No, you decide which house you belong to.
-I have a problem or question; who can I ask? You can send a Personal Message (PM) to Headmistress @MistressJennie . You can also ask questions in the thread.
-Do I have to craft all the classes & challenges? Nope! Just do what you want to craft.
-Does my craft project have to be Harry Potter themed? No, craft anything you like.
-This is a lot of info. How do I keep myself organized? Feel free to use Hermione’s Homework Planner , a Google Doc created & updated by MistressJennie. Claim a sheet of the Homework Planner at the bottom of the page, and rename it with your username. Please DO NOT alter the Master Sheet at the far left.


~ Craft Prompts Crescent ~
:steam_locomotive::sparkles::scroll: ~Class Prompts~ :scroll::sparkles::steam_locomotive:
:alembic: Alchemy: The introduction of Alchemy to Latin Europe can be dated to 1144 through the translation of an Arabic book. Translate a written pattern into a physical product or celebrate the year and craft something that has an element of doubling up.

:mage: Apparition: Even though Apparation is the fastest means of travel, there are many who prefer broomsticks, the Floo Network or Portkeys. For this term craft something with the help of booms or brushes, a fireplace (or the use of fire), or something that you consider magical when touching.

:infinity: Arithmancy: Fortune telling of any kind is an imprecise magic. Using your best divination skills, tackle a project where the end result is not a given. For example, recreate an item you’ve fallen in love with when seen in a movie or TV show- no patterns or step-by-step guidance. Or, make a new recipe off-the-cuff where you’re not sure how it will come out. (Pantry Surprise!)

:ringer_planet: Astronomy: The night sky is always changing. Using the stars as your inspiration craft something that changes as you use it, or something that shines and reflects.

:unicorn: : Care of Magical Creatures: This term we are studying the Common Welsh Green , a species native to Wales. Study this dragon by crafting something that uses an element of green or inspired by a symbol of Wales, like the daffodil, a Lovespoon, or a leek.

:sparkles: Charms: This term we are working on Aguamenti. As you know this spell creates water. For homework make something that uses water as a key ingredient. This could be a watercolor painting; a tie-dye shirt, or perhaps make a delicious autumnal soup. Alternatively make something that is related to the sea, oceans or rivers.

:blue_heart: Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA): This term we will be studying Vampyres and how to defend against them. Create something that features vampyres, or expand this study by making a cloak, or a halloween costume. You may also craft using mirrors, wooden sticks or garlic; or make something that incorporates both red and black.

:crystal_ball: Divination: This term we will be studying the practice of Automatic Writing. While holding a pen or pencil, you allow whatever symbols, pictures, or words that flow through you end up on your parchment. To demonstrate your mastery of this subject create something using pencil or ink in its creation. This could be a drawing or making prints using ink. Alternatively, you may also create something that is so familiar to you, that you can almost make it with thinking.

:broom: Flying: Skills and drills are key to making a quality quidditch player. For this term show your work as you practice the skills in your craft of choice. Examples would be: making an embroidery stitch sampler, a blanket of varied crochet stitch blocks, practice work using the tools of your hobby like welding practice, etc. Alternatively, you could do something directly related to flight or flying animals.

:herb: Herbology: Plants bring better air quality indoors and add beauty to wherever you find them. For this assignment please work with plants and/or plant accessories. Work on a floral arrangement for a special event, carefully repot your Venomous Tentacula in a planter you’ve painted, or knit a cozy for your Mimbulus Mimbmimbletonia.

:blue_book: History of Magic (HoM): A main focus for this class is being able to recall important names, places, and events. For your assignment, craft something to commemorate an event or to remember someone or someplace special to you. For example, an embroidered birth announcement, a painting of your childhood home or summer escape, a sewn or quilted item made from a meaningful piece of clothing.

:walking_man: Muggle Studies: Muggles use many means to accomplish what a witch or wizard can do with magic. For your assignment, craft something using non-magical tools and resources- for example, use a manual drill, find your patterns in a library book rather than on the internet, cook something over an open fire rather than in the kitchen.

:test_tube: Potions: High quality ingredients make high quality potions. For this assignment you are to use the good stuff . You might break out that yarn you bought 10 years ago but never found a pattern worthy of it, use the fabric you have been hoarding and make a tote bag you can carry every day, or finally allow yourself to purchase the supplies you need to make something you’ve been wanting for a long time but couldn’t justify the expense. Show your work.

:scroll: Study of Ancient Runes To one uneducated in translating and reading runes the written texts might look like elaborate decoration. Use your skills to create a project with “hidden” meaning for a unique audience. For example, a beaded bracelet which spells out a message in morse code, an “undercover fandom” item that another fan would recognize but not everyone would.

:mouse2: Transfiguration: In transfiguration class we learn how to change one object into another. For this assignment please create something that is vastly different than the sum of its parts.

:shield: House Pride Challenge: Please craft something by your chosen Hogwarts House.
:european_castle: House Unity Challenge: Please craft something inspired by another Hogwarts House, or by all of the Houses/School combined.

:alembic::test_tube: ~ Detention Challenges ~ :test_tube::alembic:
:open_book: Advanced Studies Challenge: Put in 2 hours on an ongoing Advanced Studies project, and be prepared to show before & after progress shots.
:thread: Reparo Challenge: Repair something, alter something to suit you, or complete a large organization project.
:basket: Stash Challenge: Craft something solely from your stash.
:yarn: WIP Challenge: Complete a Work In Progress.

:sparkles::woman_mage: ~ Headmistress Prompts ~ :woman_mage::sparkles:
:purple_heart: :dragon: :closed_umbrella: November Challenge :closed_umbrella: :dragon: :purple_heart: (May be submitted through January 31)
In honor of our late friend Robbie Coltrane, please craft something inspired by Hagrid. It may be something large in size, something cuddly, something for an animal in your life, etc.

:snowflake: :candle: :christmas_tree: December Challenge :christmas_tree: :candle: :snowflake: (May be submitted through January 31)
This month is a gift from me to you. Craft anything you like. You may submit it 7 times.

:sparkles: :scissors: :thread: January Challenge :thread: :scissors: :sparkles:
New Year, time to dive into a new project you’re excited to start in on. This may be in any medium, old or new.

:earth_americas: Iron Chef Around the World Challenge! :earth_africa:
This term we’ll take our taste buds on a trip! A random country will be selected each month to serve as inspiration for new recipes, dishes, and ideas. Whether you fun inspiration in a whole dish or a single ingredient, I hope you’ll join me on this tour of flavor. Complete all 4 challenges for a sticker surprise!

January - :peru: Peru Ah, a new year. Time for new resolutions and goals. Visiting Peru has been one of my long-time personal goals, and the food is one of the main reasons! If you haven’t tried Peruvian chicken, you don’t know what you’re missing (don’t forget the green sauce!). Pair it with some yuca fries and cinnamon cake for dessert!

:zap::heart::books: ~ Hermione’s Book Club ~ :books::heart::zap:
Chapter 2: The Scar November 1 - January 31

The experience at the Riddle House is shown to be a dream, and Harry wakes up with his scar hurting. He considered writing to his best friends Ron and Hermione, or Dumbledore, but eventually decides to write to his godfather Sirius, who is in hiding. Harry does not mention the dream, only his scar hurting, and plans to send the letter once Hedwig returns from hunting. For this challenge please craft something you’ve dreamed about making. Alternatively, you may craft something that will be mailed to someone special.

Chapter 3: The Invitation December 1 - January 31
Aunt Petunia has put the entire family on a diet, which Harry’s not following. A letter arrives from Molly Weasley, addressed to the Dursley’s. She asks if Harry can join them at the Quidditch World Cup. Unfortunately, the letter upsets Uncle Vernon, because there are so many stamps on the envelope that the postman actually rang the doorbell to laugh about it. However, one mention of Sirius Black is enough to convince him to let Harry go. Harry writes to Ron, confirming that they can come pick him up. Harry writes an extra sentence or two to Sirius’s letter explaining that he will be heading to The Burrow, before sending the letter via Hedwig. For this challenge, please craft something funny, or that includes stamps or stamping. Alternatively, you may craft something for one of your closest friends.

Chapter 4: Back to the Burrow January 1-31
The Weasleys attempt to use Floo Powder to pick up Harry, unaware that the Dursleys have an electric fireplace. The Dursleys meanwhile are shocked and furious after Mr. Weasley destroys half the sitting room. Mr Weasley sends the boys back, but not before Fred purposely drops a Ton-Tongue Toffee. Dudley, unable to resist a sweet, eat it and his tongue grows gigantic. Harry exits for the Burrow as Uncle Vernon starts throwing china figurines at Mr Weasley. For this challenge, craft something no one will be able to resist.

:mortar_board:~ Advanced Studies ~:mortar_board:

What are Advanced Studies?

  • Advanced Studies are more complex and challenging than typical crafting projects. They can be in any category or genre that you wish
  • You are to choose the course of study you wish to take in a particular subject. Research your desired subject, find a facet of that subject that you wish focus your advanced studies. Form a plan of action, and make your proposal. The possibilities are endless!

:hourglass_flowing_sand:How long should Advanced Studies take?:hourglass_flowing_sand:

  • Advanced Studies are more time-consuming than regular HPC classes and challenges. There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours a project should take, because speed and difficulty levels are too subjective. What we are really looking for is a project that will be a personal challenge to you. That being said…
  • Advanced Studies should generally take 3-4 weeks to complete

:memo:Proposing Advanced Studies:memo:

  • You must propose your Advanced Studies before starting so that we may be your cheerleaders and help encourage you during this more challenging craft adventure
  • When you have settled on a challenging project that will take the required amount of time that you would like to propose, post in the HPC thread using the following header:

Project Name:
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

  • Your proposed project will be added to the ongoing list of proposed Advanced Studies projects by the Advanced Studies Examiner, @Abbeeroad
  • Please note, you may only work on up to 2 Advanced Studies project at a time. Please do not propose new Advanced Studies until your current ones are complete
  • You may propose an Advanced Studies project at any time during the semester
  • Advanced Studies can carry over to the next semester
  • If you decide to abandon and Advanced Studies project, notify your Advanced Studies Examiner, @Abbeeroad, and the log will be erased from the record. Once you have submitted to have an old Advanced Studies project erased, you can propose a new one
  • Please note, after 3 years, old Advanced Studies project will be removed from the log automatically unless an extension is requested by an active HPC member

:mortar_board:Completing Advanced Studies:mortar_board:

  • Once you propose, you may start your Advanced Studies project right away! You do not need to wait for approval to begin crafting
  • Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread. Advanced Studies Fridays is a great time to share!
  • Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC using the header provided below

Project Name:
Project Page Link: (if available)
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:

Each completed Advanced Studies project you post will earn your House 100 points!



:lion: Gryffindor :lion:
Abbeeroad: Everyday Raglan, April 20, 2022
jenleahlynn: Charms, Revelio, September 24, 2019
PrincessP: Crochet Sampler Wall Hanging, September 18, 2020
RubeusUmbrella: Blanket of Calm, June 9, 2020

:badger: Hufflepuff :badger:
beholder_folklore: Cross Stitch Portrait, October 1, 2020
fishstix43: Camp Dress Pattern, January 23, 2023
GMPNQ: Dragon skin bag, February 24, 2020
GMPNQ: Victorian shawl, March 31, 2020
jillybeans: Castle Cross Stitch, April 2, 2020
madcrafter: Charms, February 22, 2019
Moonflame: Muggle Studies, Feb 10, 2018 (reinstated January 14, 2022)
Moonflame: Hufflepuff Mittens, July 5, 2021
Noodle: Brioche Shawl/blanket, October 23, 2021
Noodle: Turquoise Cardi, April 16, 2022
plaidpineapple: Wool Coat, February 21, 2022
plaidpineapple: Irish Chain Quilt, March 27, 2022
seeuudee: Memory Teddies, June 21, 2021
skrutt: Wall-hanging with melpasöm, September 11, 2021
Teachergirl: Project of Doom Quilt sections, August 26, 2021
Trillian: Monster Quilt, June 10, 2020
Trillian: Yellow Gradient Socks, June 25, 2020

:eagle: Ravenclaw :eagle:
Audania1: Annie’s Afghan Sampler, June 19, 2020
jellybean: Arithmancy, February 7, 2019
jellybean: Sophie’s Universe Blanket, August 19, 2020
Whistlefish: Every Season Stitch-A-Long by Tiny Modernist, February 22, 2020

:snake: Slytherin :snake:
AntBee: Flag Bunting for Party or Bedroom, July 1, 2021
AntBee: Christmas Countdown Garland, July 2, 2021
CraftsUntold: 1Up Quilted wall hanging, September 7, 2022
CraftsUntold: (Not) Pink Fizz Sweater, July 10, 2022
imera: Pom pom chair, August 11, 2020
imera: Case of Happiness, February 2, 2022
Inselaeffchen: Nerdy Cross Stitch SAL, January 31, 2021
Inselaeffchen: Letters from Hogwarts SYOA, February 2, 2020
melg78: Yellow Gingham Blanket, May 29, 2022


:eagle: Edel: Project Italian Renaissance Dress, November 27, 2022
:snake: tendstowardschaos: Striped Raglan Sweater, January 2, 2023

~ House Points ~

:lion: :heart: Gryffindor :heart: :lion:
Mistress Jennie Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 1, Book Club Ch 2, Book Club Ch 4, Charms, CoMC, DADA+LC Challenge, DET-Stash, Divination, Flying, HEAD-October, HEAD-November, HEAD-Dec#1, HEAD-Dec#2, HEAD-January, Herbology, HoM, House Pride, House Unity, Iron Chef-Saudi Arabia, MS, Potions, SoAR, Transfiguration

:badger: :yellow_heart: Hufflepuff :yellow_heart: :badger:
fishstix43 Alchemy, Arithmancy, DET-WIP, HoM, Potions, Transfiguration
Moonflame Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, HoM,
seeuudee Book Club Ch 1, Book Club Ch 2, Book Club Ch 3, Book Club Ch 4, DET-Stash, HEAD-November, HEAD-January, House Unity,
skrutt Alchemy, Apparition, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 3, CoMC, Charms, DET-Stash, DET-WIP, HEAD-Dec#1, HEAD-Dec#2, HEAD-Dec#3, HEAD-Dec#4, HEAD-Dec#5, HEAD-Dec#6, HEAD-Dec#7, HEAD-Jan, HoM, Transfiguration

:eagle: :blue_heart: Ravenclaw :blue_heart: :eagle:
Edel Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Herbology, Potions,
FiberAlchemist Apparition, Arithmancy, Book Club Ch 4, Charms, DADA, Flying, Herbology,
jellybean Alchemy, CoMC, DADA, DET-Stash+SPEW, Divination+SPEW, HEAD-Nov, HEAD-Dec#1+SPEW, HEAD-Dec#2+SPEW, HEAD-Dec#3+SPEW, HEAD-Dec#4+SPEW, HEAD-Dec#5+SPEW, HEAD-Dec#6+SPEW, HEAD-Dec#7+SPEW, HEAD-Jan+SPEW, Herbology, House Unity, SoAR, Transfiguration

:snake: :green_heart: Slytherin :green_heart: :snake:
AntBee Alchemy, Arithmancy, DADA, DET-WIP, HEAD-Dec#1, HEAD-Dec#2, House Unity,
imera Book Club Ch 1, HEAD-October, Iron Chef-Saudi Arabia, Iron Chef -November,
tendstowardschaos Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 2, Book Club Ch 4, CoMC, DADA, DET-Stash, DET-Reparo, Divination, Flying, HEAD-October, HEAD-December#1, HEAD-January, Herbology, HoM, House Pride, House Unity, MS+LC Challenge, Potions,

~ Point Totals ~
:lion: Gryffindor: 1 students, 400 points, for an average of 400 points per student.
:badger: Hufflepuff: 4 students, 570 points, for an average of 142.5 points per student.
:eagle: Ravenclaw: 3 students, 655 points, for an average of 218 points per student.
:snake: Slytherin: 3 students, 410 points, for an average of 136.66 points per student.

For reference…
:sparkles: :scroll: :european_castle: Alphabetical Prompts List :european_castle: :scroll: :sparkles: (Click Summary arrow to expand list.)


Book Club - changes every 2 weeks
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Advance Studies
  • Repair/Alter
  • Stash
  • WIP

Expecto Patronum - Masks
Headmistress - changes monthly
History of Magic
Holiday - changes monthly
House Pride
House Unity
Iron Chef - changes monthly
Muggle Studies
SPEW - that don’t fit into other categories

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Welcome to a new Term of the HPC! I spent the most wonderful weekend with our dear @Abbeeroad and @sheepBlue. On Thursday we watched the new episodes of the Great British Bakeoff with tea and cake. Friday we visited local fabric stores, and an indie yarn shop, before going out for some delicious grapefruit margaritas, and shared an insane Chocolate Piñata. Saturday we wandered the Farmer’s Market and had 1,000 layer donuts, played a crafting-themed board game called Arch Ravels, and sampled beers at a local brewery. It was an amazing weekend.

What did YOU guys do?!?!


That sounds like an AMAZING weekend, go you guys!

I did nothing so fantastic, but just now my daughter unexpectedly declared that tonight my husband was to do the bedtime routine (which almost never happens) and it took me all the theater training of my life to keep from tossing confetti and hugging her goodnight while cackling with wild glee. Don’t get me wrong, I normally love bedtime, it’s my favorite part of the day as we sit in the dark chit chatting about what happened, our favorite things, and whatever comes to her very active mind. But an unexpected end of my day nearly 2 hours before I usually do, plus we had leftovers for dinner so the kitchen is already clean… I dont even know what to do with myself! I’m playing in the mending pile, talking to the Thing that needs finishing, fondling yarns and daydreaming of starting like 6 new projects all tonight… the possibilities are endless! Haha


@MistressJennie Sounds like an awesome weekend! :smiley:
@AntBee Ooh! A couple of extra hours can be so much worth! :smiley:

I spent saturday with my best friend, watching a movie and playing board games. It was so nice! Sunday was a bit of tidying and then (computer)games with bestie and my brother. Long time since last time, and it was so much fun!


I was quite productive this weekend, even though I didn’t finish everything I wanted to finish, but I’ve still got time. Hopefully finishing more stuff this week :grinning:

I did organise the pantry, quite proud of that, and I did clean up some more (moved huge furniture) and hot a lot of apples… So many apples :apple::green_apple:


I also got to hang out with the best baby all weekend! :wink: Miss her!

I am still catching up on real life after my awesome crafty fantasy weekend, so Advanced Studies and Iron Chef will be updated later today! :sweat_smile:


I was out of town doing respite care for my nieces so my mom could take off for a benefit and high school reunion. Multiple birthday parties with a minimum of meltdowns felt like a success to me! I did leave with an “order” for a unicorn amigurumi, which means I’ll have to figure out something equivalent for my other young niece too.


Sorry for the delay, everyone! I spent all day digging out of the work avalanche that is Monday. Here’s the Iron Chef prompt for October!

:saudi_arabia: Saudi Arabia - The spices of Saudi Arabia lend themselves well to the cooler nights of October (in the Northern Hemisphere). Give their national dish, Al Kabsa, a try, or maybe go street food style with mutabbaq, and finish it all off with some maamoul cookies.

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Here we goooo! New term!!

Class: History of Magic
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name: baby hat with plush bobble
Project Description: My friend’s mom passed away about a year ago and she gave me a bunch of her mom’s yarn. I made this baby hat for my friend’s new granddaughter so she’d have something made from her great-grandmother’s stash. Here’s the pattern I used. And this is the tutorial for the plush pom pom.
Project Pic:


I’m jumping in for this term please


Is the Hermonie worksheet updated @MistressJennie

Not yet. I’ve had guests, then been away. Hoping to get to that this weekend.

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Thanks, I was trying to make sure I wasn’t missing things.

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Class or Challenge Title: Book Club Ch 1
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Scrappy Double Pumpkin Block
Brief Description: After making the regular pumpkin block below, I just had to make another with alternate sized pumpkins, a tall skinny orange, and a short round white one.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Headmistress - October
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Pumpkin Quilt Block
Brief Description: This quilt block includes a cute pumpkin! I actually altered the original block to make it a 12" block to fit with my other Halloween blocks.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Iron Chef - October: Saudi Arabia
LC Contest: All Things Being Equal
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Tahini Blondies
Brief Description: These blondies contain an unexpected ingredient… tahini, a staple of Middle Eastern cooking.
Project Picture:

Class or Challenge Title: Transfiguration
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Lemon & Herb White Bean Spread
Brief Description: This delicious spread is so much more than a humble collection of pantry staples.
Project Picture:


@melg78, Hermione’s Homework Planner has now been updated!


Just 2 DAYS more for everyone to enter their own cool project into the Craft The Equinox Challenge!

:sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon::sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon::sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny:

It’s time to vote in the All Things Being Equal - A Craft The Equinox 2022 Challenge! The poll is live through Oct 27! Choose carefully, friends!

:sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon::sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon::sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: :crescent_moon: :white_check_mark: :crescent_moon: :sunny: