CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2020

Going through my pictures, I was surprised how much I’ve been baking. I’m home with my teenagers, and they don’t seem to stop eating. I’m lucky to take a picture before it’s half gone. I’ve been trying to avoid trips to the store, so I’ve been going back to recipies with what I have in the cupboards. I haven’t posted much here on the new website, but it’s a lot easier than I expected to add photos and recipie links.

class- apparition
house- gryffindor
project- bread sticks link to recipie-
Working with yeast makes me nervous. I’ve had recipes that just didn’t rise, and after much waiting still turned out dense. This time I proofed the yeast, and made sure it had a nice warm place to rise, and tada nice fluffy breadsticks.

class: book club ch 9 midnight duel
project: no bake cookies - recipie

this is a quick stove top recipe, that doesn’t require baking. Maybe a step above rice krispie treats in complexity. Not the prettiest cookies, but the combination of peanut butter and chocolate is yummy.

Class: Detention- stash
house: gryffindor
project- pecan tassies recipie-

I usually makes these at christmas time, but I still had pecans in the cupboard, so I decided to make a batch for us just to eat at home. Pecans are a good source of protein right?

class- Headmistress-may the fourth
house- gryffindor
project- robot

EPBOT is a geeky blog that I follow, it encompasses a lot of fandoms. Their mascot is a robot Squee, so I decided to attempt a watercolor portrait of him.

class: potions
house: gryffindor
project : chicken and dumplings recipie-

When everyone one is under stress, and the weather is dreary, we need comfort food. My daughter requested chicken and dumplings. I have the cookbook, but this like is to the recipie on the top secret website. sometimes I follow it starting with raw chicken, but it also works if you skip that part and used store bought broth and leftover chicken. The dumplings though are all scratch.

I’ve been doing a lot of baking as well. The hobbit meals are such a fun idea, I’ll have to try that. we’re starting to run out of ideas.

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class- detention -stash
house- gryffindor
project- peanut butter cookies recipie-

sweet chewy, peanut butter cookies, another favorite recipe, with staples from the cupboard.

class- detention - stash
house- gryffindor
project- oatmeal raisen cookies recipie-

I had oatmeal and raisens in the cupboard, so I whipped this up as a sort of healthy treat. it’s close enough to have cookies for breakfast , right?

class : holiday
house: gryffindor
project-pumpkin cake recipie-

pumpkin always reminds me of fall, and it’s one of my kids favorites. Cake, pie, bread, cookies…I found a spice cake mix in the cupboard, and some frozen pumpkin from last fall, so I made this cake, along with the cream cheese frosting. The frosting is best from scratch, but the cake mix works fine.

class- transfiguration
house- gryffindor
project - focaccia bread recipie-

after making multiple loaves of bread in the breadmaker, I wanted something a little diffrent. I’ve eaten focaccia bread in restaurants but hadn’t tried making it myself. It’s a yeast bread so there are bubbles, but you use your fingers to make indentations in the dough and pour oil on top before baking. it’s looks lumpy, and it has a chewy texture.

There are so many good themes to follow! I still have some Hobbit recipes we are going to do. I think after this round it will be recipes from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook :wink:

And I totally remember making no bake cookies with my best friend in highschool - 20 years ago!

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:sparkles: :heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: This term of the Harry Potter Craftalong is now CLOSED! :heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :sparkles:

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The Midsummer Term is now OPEN!

:zap::heart::tada::sparkles::yellow_heart::woman_mage: End of Term Feast :mage::green_heart::sparkles::tada::blue_heart::zap:

Welcome to the End of Term Feast! I have checked the school hour glasses, and the points stand thusly…


:green_heart: Slytherin: 4 students, 295 points, for an average of 73.75 points per student.
:yellow_heart: Hufflepuff: 10 students, 1960 points, for an average of 196 points per student.
:blue_heart: Ravenclaw: 4 students, 870 points, for an average of 217.5 points per student.
:heart::trophy::lion: Gryffindor: 6 students, 2140 points, for an average of 356.66 points per student. :lion::trophy::heart:

Congratulations to Gryffindor House!


Woohooo!!! Great term everyone! :smiley:


Well done, Gryffindors, you really knocked it out of the park this semester!


Congratulations Gryffindors


Woohoo gryffindor


that’s so cool!

Yay! Great term all - since I joined so late I’m still going back through the posts and checking out people’s projects. Fabulous stuff! Am feeling super inspired for next term. :slight_smile: I’m so happy I found this Craftalong! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gryffindor was on fire this semester! I couldn’t believe how many amazing projects they were cranking out.


Right? They were hot-hot-hot!


Congrats Gryffindors! :partying_face:


@RubeusUmbrella totally know what you mean! This is a great group of crafters that always make inspiring things!

Roar, roar! Gryffindor!!! Very impressive!


Wow! GO Gryffindor :smiley: I’ve really enjoyed my first term of the HP Craftalong :yellow_heart: :lion: :heart:


@MistressJennie are we ok to reply to the new post yet? :slight_smile:

Yep! As soon as I post the notice “The Midsummer Term is now OPEN!” each term, you’re welcome to dive into the new one. :slightly_smiling_face: