CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2022

Intriguing! Can’t wait to see it finished. I’ve added it to the log!

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Class or Challenge Title: Detention - Reparo
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Cleaning the Star Quilt
Brief Description: Early on in the pandemic, the lovely Edel & I swapped quilt tops. Last year I quilted it up, and afterwards, decided to wash it so it would have that softened, crinkled quilt quality about it. Sadly, a few of the bright pink squares bled color ALL OVER the quilt front, and even the backing. I wasn’t sure how to repair the damage, so it got put aside for a while. But now I want to hang it in the nursery, so I needed to see what I could do to fix it. I used this technique, with the Dawn dish soap in my bathtub, soaked for 3-4 hours, then washed it with a few Shout Color Catchers and it came out good as new.
Project Picture:

The magenta paisley fabric, which is repeated a few times in the quilt, bled heavily, especially on these 3 pink & white blocks, which had become solid pink, making it much harder to see the star pattern. Now they’re nice and white again!

Even the white backing is free of the hot pink spots that covered it before. Now I just need to add some corner pockets and hang it up this afternoon.

Class or Challenge Title: Headmistress - February
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Spiced Pear & Pecan Oatmeal Muffins
Brief Description: Today is a Snow Day Ice Day. It rained yesterday, then dropped below freezing overnight, and now everything is covered with ice, and there are a lot of accidents in town. (The South doesn’t really salt & sand roads, or even own the trucks to do so, and so it’s worse down here, than a snowy morning in the North.) Jim is working from home, which I know he doesn’t like, but I secretly love it. I like the feeling of someone else being in the house, and I love knowing my family is all safe and sound. But it is cold and gross outside, so on these kinda days, I love to make something warm and comforting.
Project Picture:


Great job on fixing the bleeding! Gorgeous quilt.

Kicking of the term with a simple lil repair job

Challenge: Detention Reparo
House: Hufflepuff
Project: waistcoat repair
My friend’s waistcoat cinch broke at my house - the fabric was all torn apart. I would have liked to patch it and do visible mending (esp given the state of the fabric) but that’s not at all my friend’s vibe so I just did the neatest job I could -


Class or Challenge Title: Alchemy
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: Triangle Hanging Pockets
Brief Description: I hand stitched triangular pockets onto the back of the Star quilt, so we could hang it in the nursery. I used the yard stick + Command Strips hanging trick.
Project Picture

And here it is over the dresser.


Oh no,I can’t believe that the colour ran so much. But in so glad that you were able to save it. It looks fabulous in the nursery. Only 9 weeks to go, I’m beyond thrilled for you guys :heart:

Advanced studies-finished.
House -ravenclaw.
Project, illuminated manuscript. It is finally done, it took about two months on and off. So glad to get it finished!!

It has its own thread here Illuminated manuscript. Aka the most insane project


Wow, that’s stunning @Edel

Class: Appirition
House: Hufflepuff
Project: frame backs

I have many picture frames which, now that my hall is painted, I want to hang. But they are mostly standing type frames, without hanging fixing… so I’ve pried off the stands & existing hardware and replaced them with circle hangers. I did 7 frames

The big problem I now face is that I don’t know how to get up to the wall I want to hang them on! It’s this wall above my stairs, I want to cover the whole thing including the very top… I could paint it with a long handled roller (the edges up there are… urm… messy! I was glad I was just dying white on white!) but I don’t know how to get up there to measure out & put nails in the wall. Any suggestions?

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I had a hallway like that, and tbh you need a long ladder and a second person, nothing else is safe!

And why was I not informed that those circular picture hanging thingys are available?!! Where did you get them. We’ve still not finished painting all our walls, so any pictures up are on existing nails. I have boxes of pictures and stuff to put up. Those circular dodads look really useful.

They’re designed for hanging decorative plates (!) - I get them from local hardware store but money on you can find online - look for disc hangers.

Maybe some sort of adjustable / multi-position ladder would help? (Little Giant is an example of a popular US brand.) A long ladder & a helper might be easier to find though. :slight_smile:

Amazing job on your AS project, Edel!! It’s fantastic!! AND you earned 100 points for your house!! :tada:


Absolutely stellar work on your Advanced Studies @Edel!

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Teachers pet :grin:


Class or Challenge Title: Muggle Studies
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Indoor Snowball fight
Brief Description: I scoured the interwebz for some hints for a stronger pompom tute after my daughter requested an indoor snowball fight. I watched this one on a muggle cell phone and they seem pretty sturdy after round one of testing. I made 7 so far and used up a skein of Red Heart super saver that had a label for a contest that ended in march of 2018 (and a bit of a random ball of something from the apothecary jars) so I feel good about a stash-bust as well.
Project Picture:


This is such a great idea! We have a set of stuffed snow balls gifted from the in-laws. I like yours better!!

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oh, thanks!

Wow, lots of gorgeous projects already! Here’s my first of the term. I haven’t done any consistent sewing lately, so I flubbed up by the numbers - cut one half of these upside-down, then cut and sewed the replacement side only to find out it was the same as the side I already had. OOF! Finally got these done, though, and my girl likes them, so WHEW!

Class: Muggle Studies
House: Hufflepuff
Description: I actually DID use my cell phone to hold down the pattern pieces, lol.
Project Pic:


That fabric! :heart_eyes:

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Class or Challenge Title: Arithmancy
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Aunt Sukie’s Table Runner, for Aunt Donna
Brief Description: I did not have a real plan or pattern for this project. I just kinda winged it! I was inspired by the November Block of the Month in the Quiltalong, to make the Aunt Sukie’s Choice block (which I had nominated). I didn’t have a project I wanted to use the block in, so I dug through my stash and found a few fat quarters I had bought to make something for my Aunt Donna with. (Her husband keeps bees, and they sell the honey together at local farmer’s markets, and so she loves all things bee-themed.) I created 4 of the same block, pieced them together with some sashing, and quilted it! Not bad for not having a plan.
Project Picture:


Challenge; Detention - WIP
House: Hufflepuff
Project: kitchen
So… I started this project in July… I got the curtain rail up and 2 shelves, but the shelves were harder than I thought (getting things level and holding them there to mark/attach single handed!) So I gave up before doing the final shelf (the prospect of having to add wanting to get equal spacing to the first pair, as one extra layer of faff, put me off). Buuuuut I have a new friend coming over on Monday and they’re an interior designer so I wanted to get this done at last! Big girl pants on, drill out, and I’ve finally finished my kitchen.


Challenge: Head Feb
House: Hufflepuff
Project: watercolour frame
So… this was defintly a valentines present to myself. A while ago I commissioned an artist to paint Tom and I on our boat, and since I got the piece I have been wondering how to frame it until I got the idea to use the same oak as we used to trim the boat. Unfortunately I had left the bits of left off on the boat when I sold it (in case new owner wanted to add to what we had done) but we brought it from a friend of ours who owns a forest and sells wood - he was able to prepare me some as similar as possible. I used it to make this very simple frame and a local place made the mat and got the glass for me.