CLOSED: Nerd Games - Discussion Thread for 2020 Games

This thread is a place for us to have discussions regarding the current Games. If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, advice, or just want to say hello, post here!


I have the worst time trying to fit projects to categories, but going to try again


We’re pretty lax with how things fit. In fact, sometimes having the most absurd and roundabout way of fitting a project to a prompt is super fun! If your project doesn’t obviously fit the prompt, just explain in your description how you chose to make it fit :slight_smile:


I’ve always wanted to join in one of these. Maybe now is the time.


And, you can always ask for help! We are a very creative bunch :wink:

And you definitely should join this one, especially with your username :slight_smile:

I am so excited! And happy! And, invigorated!

I had a bit of a crafting slump this past year (and I’m not entirely sure why), but knocking out almost a dozen craft projetcs while I was visiting my mom for Christmas reignited my crafty flame. We almost had a quilt finished, but life intervened. She’ll finish the last parts, and I’ll post it when it’s done. We worked together on almost the entire thing, and it was a lot of fun, and I learned a new way to make a quilt that allows me to manage the quilting part. The possibilities are wide open! I think I’ll be doing a bit more quilting in the future…

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Like @craftADDchick said, you should totally join!!! It’s a lot of fun!

You can post as little or as much as you like. We just love seeing all of the creativity :heart:

Yes, like @craftADDchick said, you can always ask for help getting a category, and the Big Time, Free Range, Zaps, and Research Projects are always open! But we can pretty much come up with SOME way to wiggle most projects in!

Now is definitely the time, it’s all new!!! Fresh start and all that! :smiley:

I would love to hear about this quilt project, I have a quilt top that’s been 85% finished for 20+ years, but I think, what’s the point, like I’m ever going to get around to quilting it…

It’s a quilt as you go technique, so if it’s 85% inished, it wouldn’t work. Unless you want to separate some of the blocks…it could be worth it, if it gets it done!

Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World does her quilts using a quilt as you go method, and we adopted her idea. We took our blocks and quilted them onto the batting. Then joined all of the blocks together as we normally would. The blocks were about 18 inches, so it was easy to wrangle that through the machine. My mom is working on doing the borders the same way. We just did straight line quilting, for the most part (but I did 2 blocks with echo quilting), and on the pattern we used (a heavily modified version of a quilt we saw on Etsy…the pattern wasn’t for sale, so we made our own), it worked really well! She just has to join the second set of borders (they are all quilted), then add the backing (with some stitch in the ditch work to secure it), plus the binding. It was so fun, and she was so excited to learn how to do it!

And, I seriously want to spend a ton of time right now posting some of my projects from the end of the 2019 games, but I really have to get my lesson ready for school tomorrow. I wish they had given us the next 2 days off, too. Seems silly to open the building for 2 days. But, with 3 snow days already, I guess we need to get the days in when we can!

Tracking Update:

Hello to both new and old players! This is the tracking update for the 2019 Nerd Games. We tried out an entire year instead of four seasons, and I think we all agreed that the shorter seasons were more motivating. So enjoy reading these results, and continue on past the normal tracking for a few shout outs!

For the entire 2019 season, we had a total of 14 active players. * 407 projects were submitted total for the year.

Here is where each team stands currently:


*You may notice that the total projects posted and the totals from the table differ. I separated out the throwback projects from the table totals as those projects aren’t worth any points, so adding in those projects effects team averages.

Monthly Battle Winners:
January: Crossover
February: Console
March: Venus de Milo
April: Drowzee/Malasian Tapir
May: It’s a tie! Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC
June: It’s a tie! DeviantArt vs LiveJournal
July: North America
August: Dungeons
September: Fantasy
October: Pumpkin
November: Dessert
December: Winter Wonderland

To see what projects you posted for the entirety of 2019, you will need to find the Data Depot on the first page of the original craftalong home.

The winning team was Team Textbook!

The three most prolific crafters were:

  1. Smeddley - With a whopping 99 projects!
  2. storerboughtcreations - With 59 completed projects!
  3. craftADDchick - with 43 completed projects!

I’d also like to give a SUPER SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to appledainty. She submitted SEVEN research projects in 2019! That is super impressive!

I am super glad that we have a new home at Lettuce Craft to continue on with this amazing community. If you have any suggestions for how to keep the Nerd Games fun and exciting, as well as how we can keep bringing in new members, please share! And if you’re a new member, please don’t hesitate to give us feedback to let us know if there is anything you would like to see changed to make our crafting group more user friendly. You can comment in the discussion thread or send @Smeddley or myself a PM. Thank you so much, Nerds! Craft on!


I am so excited for this to restart. I know I wasn’t very active in the middle of the year but I plan on carving out more time in 2020 to devote to crafting. I love this group and the motivation the Games gives me. I have two very special, bigger projects I plan to complete for my living room this year and I know the Games will help me reach my goal.


@geekgirl You really should! This is a lot of fun and with the rules being parred down it makes it so much less confusing for newcomers. Trust me, the Games are so addictive!
@craftADDchick I agree about geekgirls name, she is a must for the Games! Ha!


Okay, last message and then I will stop posting up so much in this thread. :innocent:
What are the dates for the Winter Games? Did I miss that somewhere? It could have easily happened. I am a little overwhelmed (but loving it!)

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I’m so excited to see the games continue! lol Started my 2020 Nerd Games/Battles Pinterest board in December with some inspiration for projects I want to do this year. I’m psyched to see what everyone makes!

I’m curious what new crafts people are going to try. I’m still looking to see what new I want to try. At least something I can incorporate into crocheting (my main love :heart:)

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Did I forget to include that? Oops! Thank you for pointing that out. If you see anything else I missed, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Seems I’ve forgotten a few small details. I will go edit the post with the dates, but it will be January 1 through March 31. Same three month format we used to do, just shifted by one month.

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I plan to try punch needle embroidery with @roler sometime this month. We’ll Skype and craft with each other as we both make our first attempts.

Crochet is also my main love. I look forward to seeing your yarny creations!


I wanted to try that needle punch embroidery. It looks so much easier than the traditional way when you have several cats in the house. I put it on my list of crafts I want to try this year. Also included are making a stamp (I got a kit for my birthday) and needle felting. I also plan on doing a bag a month. That is a whole bunch considering my current level of crafting so wish me luck.
Let me know how it goes for you with the embroidery!


On the old site, seasons used to run

  • Winter: December - February
  • Spring: March - May
  • Summer: June - August
  • Fall: September- November

Do we want to keep this winter round short and go back to the old format, or keep it as it will be?

  • Winter: January - March
  • Spring: April - June
  • Summer: July - September
  • Fall: October - December

If we do decide to go to the old format, we would make this Winter round only two months long before going back to the regular 3 month rounds to put us back on track.

Please vote below!

  • Keep the shifted schedule
  • Go back to the old schedule

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I like the old schedule only because it seems to match up with the seasons better for me where I live. But either way is fine. :slight_smile:

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