Clothing Identification Labels

Used HTV/Iron-On Metallic for these but seriously considering doing the next ones with freezer paper and paint. Just a simple thing to try to keep the laundry straight. Doing the inside of shirts and hidden areas on socks!


Great idea! Will make sorting laundry much easier.

Great sorting solution!

I love the cleverness! My sis in law has 2 sons and my brother and they are all the same size! What a nightmare laundry can be in her house. I will have to suggest this to her


What a clever solution!

It looks elegant! I wouldn’t mind that being visible.

Thanks guys! It does help when you have a lot of the “giveaway” shirts from sporting events too! I’ve still got a lot to go. Forgot to add in there that they’re maybe an inch in diameter.


They look so regal. The use of metallic adds so much class.

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Very clever! My mom used to do a couple of stitches in different colored thread for my brothers’ socks and undies- red for one and blue for the other. It served the same purpose. But your solution is much classier.

That’s exactly what I used to do.

Great idea! I see this in my future…though my girls definitely let me know when I mix up their things. As long as someone keeps it straight I guess. :laughing:

:heart_eyes_cat: Well, lookie there! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rainbow:

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Oh :flushed: thanks!

Guess if I switch to stencils and painting them in that I will need to use a metallic paint now too!


Excellent idea and it looks cool too!