Cocktail cabinet

This cabinet was found in the small ads, about 6 months ago. I’d been looking for one like it for ages. It was about $120, but when we went to collect it, it was bigger than I had thought, so it needed a new location in the kitchen. But it’s finally done and in the right spot.I want to add LEDs inside, it is a cocktail cabinet, but it will be used to hold glasses and a couple of cocktail shakers.

This was the starting point, it was in good nick, so all it needed was painting, and the fabric backing stripping out. The same fabric was on the shelves, but was very stained.

I painted it in a darker blue on the bottom and mixed a lighter one for the top, added lots of gold leaf. Funky wallpaper inside and on the shelves, it’s hard to see the shelf wallpaper in this light, but it has a silver lustre.

I put silver leaf on the shelf supports.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Just need LED lighting outside and a neon sign on the wall over it

I particularly love the legs. (Cabriole?)


This is absolutely stunning. Such a beautiful piece!

Love the gold & silver accents! You must share more photos after it has glasses etc in it. It will sparkle in the sunlight!

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I am so glad you described the ombre blue paint else I’d have thought it was only a trick of the light. It looks fabulous! The metallic accents are a stroke of genius. Yes, please show it off later on with lighting & glassware.


Thanks sweetie, I love me some ombre!

I’ll take some photos in daylight!

Yummy! Make mine a pina colada.

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That turned out lovely! Excellent work!


It came out amazing!
Great job done!

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Love it!! You’re so quick with these as well!

You do have that whole other cabinet with the liquor though still right? Just planning for my eventual trip :laughing:


Quite a find! Those glass doors are awesome. And the transformation is magical. The parrots are too cool.

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The liquor is in the pantry, staying cool and fresh for your visit :wink:


Hmm, am I the only one seeing a framed illuminated manuscript page hanging above this beauty?


Wow so cute! I love the gold accents and the Jungle themed wallpaper. I would have never thought Jingle and blue would go together but it did! Very nice!

Gorgeous. I love all of the fun details you put into it. I have been following a lot of DIY furniture flippers on IG lately and have been amazed at the final pieces, but this one puts them all to shame! It’s amazing!

I’m leaning towards the view that everything goes with a jungle print.

@Kwality570 aww thanks sweetie

Omg it’s beautiful!!! Really great job, I love the walpaper and the choice of paint and how you used the gold :smiley: now I’m inspired

Thanks sweetie, :grinning: