Coconut Milk Custard wrapped in a Lemon Crepe

I used a can of this,

and a cup of milk. 1/2 of sugar (I did add another 1/2 c. of milk as that was too sweet for my liking, but I stepped away from the pan for too long, so I think that went all over the stove, :no_mouth: ). 4 Tbls. butter, and a pinch of salt.

Heated it all up til the sugar was dissolved. Let sit for 15 minutes.

in another bowl beat five egg yolks (I was going to do four, but I dropped the eggs at three and I could salvage two of the three dropped, :frowning_face: ).

Slowly temper the eggs with the hot mixture, then pour into pan and continue cooking til thick, stirring constantly.

Also, I’m trying out crepe bowls. They look good, but I’m a little leary about how long they probably need to bake for.


Crepe bowls look very cool! And as usual, your food looks very tasty.

sounds delightful!

well, crud. I walked away from the toaster oven. Oh well, a little mishap shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m going to see what baking them will do. since the filling is a custard, shouldn’t be an issue with cooking them. Will have to let them sit out a bit to see if they get crispier, though.

Welp, it’s a wait and see. :grin:

Update: About the only major difference, baking makes it easy to eat by hand. Yeah, the cooked flavor is fine, but just not worth the extra work.

The idea is sound. The taste is awesome. The execution sucks, hah! Actually, while I was eating the second bowl, the flavor of the crispy parts struck me to be similar to a fortune cookie. :no_mouth:


Yum, I could almost taste it while reading the name and looking at the picture. What a great combination of flavors.

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Mmm. Loving your crepe adventures! Good luck with the bowl!

Looks yummy!