Collapsible Baskets or Podlets

For the Grab Bag Swap, I made both of my partners the same thing. Since we were doing the letters “L” and “C”, I made them each a Long Collapsible Basket and a Cute Collapsible Basket. I figured 3 was a much better number than 2 so I just made , as @jemimah said so nicely, a Lovely Collection!

These are actually called podlets by the person who made the YouTube tutorial. They are pretty fast to make and you can use the available spreadsheet to make just about any size you want. Plus, they are reversible! If you have a directional print, like the one Halloween fabric I used, you will have to make an extra seam at the bottom so each side goes the correct way.

Here is the set I made for @kittykill. Of course, it had to be Halloween themed!


For @jemimah, I used some fabric I have been hoarding for quite a long time. It was sent to me in a swap…I think it was @AudiobookLover who used it to make a beautiful art quilt as well. The reverse side were batiks.

…and flat…

Such a fun swap…I can’t wait for the next Grab Bag Swap!

Thanks for looking!


Those podlets are really cool! And I love your fabric choices!

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I love that the proportions are unusual. And those fabrics are yummy. Gorgeous!

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They are so gorgeous!! I know I will love using them, I feel very lucky to have a set :sparkling_heart: thank you again!!

What lovely work! I love the colors in the second set!


These are really cool!! I need to make a whole bunch to organize my junk drawer!!

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These are so simple and beautiful! I love that you could make them for various seasons, and still not take up much storage space in a drawer, because they fold up. So cool!

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You can make them pretty shallow and long to fit into a drawer, but they aren’t very stiff and the design makes it a bit difficult to use stiffer interfacing. I do have one of the longer ones holding pens and a little one to hold bag ties.

I am going to play around with those glue bowls that @Smmarrt and @AntBee made as well.


These are nicely done. I love Halloween, but the Fall colors really got me. Beautiful work and thanks for sharing the link!

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I love those fall baskets! These seem like a great way to show off fun prints, while being really useful.

Funny enough, I have not made anything with that fabric, but just last week, I picked up some very similar fabric to make a fall door hanging :blush:.

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hmmm…I wasn’t sure who it was, but thought it looked like something you would pick :grin:

I just loved it so much and have just the tiniest bit to make myself a little something as well!

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