Collapsible Outfeed Table for My Table Saw

I inherited/was given a big, beautiful beast of a tablesaw and I have some pretty big plans for projects to build with it. But I needed a more stable way to “catch” the bigger pieces of wood than TheMisterT. Or any human.


However, I have space limitations, and of course so budget limitations. I order to have an outfeed table that could “fold away” and also one that wasn’t hundreds of dollars OR a bunch of woodworking that I didn’t want to do (I know, I know), I set about finding parts to make one.

Harbor Freight metal sawhorses to the rescue! They fold down, and have adjustable height legs, as well as can carry over 1000 pounds each. They were also only $59.99 each. Not nothing, but a good price for such a product. They also have a backet on each end that holds a 2x4 or 2xWhatever.


I had a 12’ 2x6 in a stack of used lumber left by the former homeowners. It’s weathered, but not rotten. I removed the rusty screws that were left in it, cut into two 6’ pieces and ripped a little off the long sides to make them 5" wide. The 3/4" plywood top was given to to me a couple years ago by some neighbor who moved into town. Originally a full sheet (4x8), I cut it to 4x6. Then I pre-drilled countersunk holes and screwed it to the 2-bys. It’s now a very stable and sturdy outfeed table that I can take apart when I am done working for the day, so I can park our UTV/snow plow back in the shop! I the top piece is still a little too heavy for me to easily manipulate all by myself, but it’s still a nice solution for under $120! (no sales tax in Montana)

Since this is a table, I’m going to go ahead and tag it “furniture”!


Awesome solution!


Yay! Harbor freight rules. Like those legs!

Well, this is clever! Although I have come to expect “clever” from you! :grin:

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Wow, what an invention!!

Thanks, pals!

Love the ingenuity! Can’t wait to see what you can do with your saw now.

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