Color Mixing Flannel Shirt

I love sewing with novelty fabrics! I am channeling my inner Ms. Frizzle every day.
This flannel turned out to be a bit…junky. It got pills when I washed it.

The fabric is from Joann Fabrics. I used Simplicity 0492, an older pattern.


That’s super frustrating that you went through all that work to discover that it wasn’t quality flannel! Your shirt came out really nice, though! How long did it take you?

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Oh, I don’t know, a few days. You win some, you lose some.

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It looks so great! Hopefully a sweater shaver takes care of the pilling. It may build up again in places where the fabric rubs, like under the arms. Washing inside out in a lingerie bag & hanging to dry can help prevent some as well. Worth the effort for such a neat-o garment.

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Yeah, pretty much all that.

I love your shirt! Pills are a pain though, I feel for you! That pattern is excellent- some looks are just classic.

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I love it!! Looks well constructed and the fit is :ok_hand:.

I LOVE the print. You did an excellent job!

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This is so much fun!

This is magnificent. I’m definitely envious of your amazing new handmade wardrobe items.