Color Theory Peacock Magnet

I created this peacock magnet for geekgirl in the magnet swap. I decided to send her a version of a project I have done with my second grade students. Back story: I had a sweet 2nd grader ask me if we could do something with peacocks. I found a simple image like this one, and it was perfect to incorporate with color theory and color mixing. My students used oil pastels and did a watercolor background with salt, but I decided the white background was better for this magnet. And, I used Posca pens.


Kind of a cool, stylized peacock. Unique!


Cute, what’s the size?

2.5 inches maybe?

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Awesome girl. Peacocks have a special meaning to me so I’m smiling ear to ear.

What a sweet little treasure!

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Very cute! Sweet that one of your students suggested it.

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