Colorful Dinosaur

I’ve spent the past ten years learning how to digitize. Mostly I make plushies. Some of my sketches have been more work to figure out than I’ve wanted to put into it. So I decided to revisit some of those sketches and digitize them into coloring plushies. This was my first try. This is also one of those crazy digitizing projects where it all went together in one shot with no revisions needed.

I painted it with a kids watercolor set. It didn’t bleed through nearly as much as I thought it was going to. So that is a win.


This is really cute! I love the idea of coloring plushies. :heart:

Did you embroider the black outline, too or is that printed?

What a cutie!

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The black lines are the embroidery.

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Wow, that does not look like stitching. You must have some skill! The curves are way smoother than anything I could do. How did you do the eyes?

Very sweet! I like that watercolour vibe.

So you digitized your pattern, transfered it to fabric, colored it, then embroideried on the fabric. Cut it out a shape to make the plushie?

Confused and intrigued,

I digitized my sketch and created a machine embroidery file. That was stitched out in black on the fabric. So the black lines are machine embroidery thread.


Ha! I didn’t know what you meant by digitizing, either. Thanks for explaining.
This is so cute! Adorable.

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Okay, this is REALLY cute. Washable markers would be great for this as well, if this is a color-rinse-repeat type of project. Very clever execution with the embroidery file! Love this idea!