Common Ground Round 2

It’s been a while since we had this swap. It’s a great way to do some quality “stalking” and either make a new friend or learn something new about a favorite LCer!

The questionnaire might be a bit more involved than most because you want you partner to know a lot about you (only things you are comfortable sharing, of course).

The idea is to craft items (one medium and one small) that represent things you have in common. That could be anything from fave artists to foods you both like, or beliefs that you share. Maybe you both have kids or each of you plays an instrument. There are lots of ways to make a friend!

I’m thinking 6 weeks of crafting time. Sendouts would most likely be in July sometime.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this one.


I’d be up for that swap! I love the idea and don’t think I’ve participated in that one before.


This sounds like a lot of fun