COMPLETE: Ongoing ATC swap November 2021

I claim Lynx2Lancer for TBD (maybe ocean life or Christmas) - Due 12/14
Claims (total for the month): 2
Sent (in transit): 1
Received: 0
Outstanding: 1

Hello ATC swappers! I live in beautiful Washington state. I keep my cards in baseball card sleeves so please try to keep the bulk down. Please no X-rated nudity or curse words. And please nothing political or preachy religious :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise have fun and feel free to interpret my themes in any way you like. :grin:


  • Artist choice (I’m seriously easy peasy to appeasey)
  • Try something new to you
  • Use your fodder from and/or inspired by fodder school
  • Happy Mail, snail mail, letter writing, etc
  • Song lyrics (esp from musicals, David Bowie, Queen, “oldies”, or something you love!)
  • Rain and/or autumn
  • Fake advertisements for fake products/events
  • Spoons/silverware/cutlery/etc
  • Found poetry
  • Coffee and/or coffee cups
  • Skunks
  • Jellyfish
  • Foxes
  • Things with wings (that don’t belong together)
  • Fairies with unusual wings
  • Fairies around the house
  • Red Riding Hood (traditional or altered)
  • Moomin
  • Classic Sci-Fi stories/themes (I’m fascinated with how people in the past imagined the future…)
  • Nerdy
  • Literary quotes (esp Lord of the Rings, Cloud Atlas, H.G. Wells)
  • Inspired by famous works of art and/or artist styles, Some Pins of my Favs
  • Play with colors (one color, two colors, all the colors… just have fun!)
  • Black, White, and Greyscale (no other colors)
  • Bodies of Water (esp rivers and lakes [esp esp the Metolius River])
  • Watercolor practice or painting :slight_smile:
  • Random fact/trivia
  • Postage stamps (real or made-up)
  • Central Oregon (especially Camp Sherman, Sisters, Redmond, High Desert Museum in Bend)

Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:

I claim Reinikka for tbd, due 12/14 and we are closed!