COMPLETE: Secret Santa Wishlist Swap (sign-ups 10/25-11/10, send by 11/30)

Hi, I’m Sarah and I live in the mountains of North Carolina. I am an environmental educator/ STEM educator (basically I’m the person at a park/museum/nature center who leads hikes/tours, does public programs, and works with school groups).

Dislikes: Scented items, no earrings as I don’t have pierced ears, floral prints

Crafted Items

Yellow and Black striped scarf (knit or crochet)

Steampunk accessories - No headbands/hair clips please

Accordian-style masks - Botanical prints, animals, blue or green prints

Dice bag - Would love something botanical/nature themed, my main tabletop character is a druid (shocker, right? XD)

Space themed tote bag (I also do astronomy outreach, would love a space themed bag to carry materials in at events)


Steampunk/metal ephemera

Tools/supplies for unique folk arts or historical crafts (I love trying new crafts!)

Thick wool yarn

Beeswax for thread

Trivet frame for a 6” tile


Small plastic animal or dinosaur figures

Plain green or black tea

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Hi, I’m Kailey, I live in Southern Oregon (USA) with my husband and 2 kids. I am a Mom, crafter, illustrator, board game designer, and product reviewer. We don’t have any pets at the moment. We have been very isolated since March due to my son being in a high risk group, so it is nice to connect with people virtually even though I can’t meet with anyone in person. I am the primary giver and organizer of gifts in our family, and rarely get any surprises myself. This swap is a fun way to get a mystery package for the holidays, while also getting the joy of being a crafty little elf! I realize this is a super long list, but I figured more information is rarely a bad thing.

Allergies and Things to Avoid: We are allergic to smoke of any sort (particularly tobacco), and strong scents are problematic. We also have a mango allergy. I’m vegetarian…but the rest of my family isn’t, so any treats for human omnivores will still get eaten, just not by me. We don’t drink alcohol. I dislike oranges and blueberries and maraschino cherries (though my kids love them), and I don’t care for licorice or nutmeg. I don’t wear much jewelry. Though I love wall art, with several artists in the family, our walls are completely covered and we really don’t have room for more. We also have more than enough blankets and quilts. We also have a whole trunk full of reusable bags. I’m not a fan of lace, camouflage, or animal prints. Fragile things tend to get broken in our house. Please avoid things that are violent/gory, religious, conservative, or not child friendly. We don’t follow any sports.

The Whole Family: LEGO, Science, NASA, Dragons, Puffins, Gnomes/Tompten, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Fantastical Creatures from mythology, Dr Who, Star Wars, Outer Space, Venus Fly Traps, Archery (target practice, not hunting!), Cosplay/dress up, Puns, Geeky Stuff, Board Games (I am very active on Board Game Geek), RPGs, Escape Room games, The Great British Bake Off, The Masked Singer, Baking/Cooking, Playing Ukulele together, Books (we read…a lot. Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy are particular favorites).
Myself: Discworld (Terry Pratchett), Pern (Anne Mccafrey), Books By Diana Wynne Jones, Books by Patricia C Wrede, Firefly (tv show), anglerfish, porcupine fish, octopuses, jellyfish, nautilus, cuttlefish, hedgehogs, platypuses, tree frogs, Steam Punk, favorite colors are blues and purples. I drink both coffee and tea, though I lean more towards tea and only drink coffee once a week. Dark or White Chocolate, maple, and caramel are the most delicious treats.
My Husband: Video Games, Star Wars, Thundercats, the mythos of HP Lovecraft (think cuddly Cthulhu rather than horror), Invader Zim, Top Gear. Enjoys camping, but more as an activity than a theme. Favorite colors: red and black.
Kid #1 (6 year old girl, very smart and precocious): Magical Things, Hilo (book series), Princess in Black (book series), Castles, Princesses, Pegacorns, Unicorns, Fairies, Flower Fairies, Tangled/Rapunzel, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dia de los Muertos, My Little Pony, Flamingos (she made up a super hero character named Flamingo Girl. She pretends to save the world as Flamingo Girl while her brother is her sidekick, Flamingo Friend), the Slow Mo guys (on YouTube), pretend play, making art and craft projects. She is named after the goddess Athena. Favorite colors: Rainbow, purple, pink, orange, silver & gold.
Kid #2 (3 year old boy, soon to be 4): Puffin Rock (TV show), airplanes/helicopters (pretty much all vehicles), flamingos (like his sister), hot air balloons, animals, pretend play, unicorns/horses, Sandra Boynton books, The Gruffalo, Pete the Cat. Favorite colors: Rainbow, teal, most bright colors.

I do not have a Pinterest or an Etsy wish list, I am on instagram @HeroicHatchling

Crafted Wishes (multiples are fine)

  • Geeky or pun or science (or anything we are interested in) themed shirts or hoodies for myself, my husband, or my kids.

  • DIY craft/art kits for my kids (include necessary supplies and instructions for them to make something themselves…homemade kits are great!). One kiddo is 3 almost 4, the other is 6 almost 7 (and incredibly bright and capable, she can make most anything).

  • Anything cool and unique to your part of the world. (It is a great way to teach my kids about geography and other cultures).

  • A dragon weather vane for the roof.

  • A sundial for the yard.

  • Stacking dolls (Matroyshka) for the kids in a Nightmare Before Christmas, Puffin Rock, dinosaur/fossil, gnome, or dragon theme.

  • Baked goods, sweet treats, or teas unique to your culture or the place that you live. I love baking and cooking myself and enjoy exploring new flavors from around the world.

  • Unbreakable Christmas ornaments…wood, metal, wool , etc. of things we like

  • a cool leather arm guard, shooting glove and quiver for archery practice (a set for me and a set for my husband).

  • Leather masks for dress up/cosplay

  • unusual cute or geeky cookie cutters

  • Yard art/sculptures in a theme we like (probably in wood or metal…possibly ceramic) I’d love a Greenman or Ent face or two to put on our trees, or a dragon/sea serpent for the front garden by the pond.

  • Dress up/pretend play/stuffies/fairy garden supplies for my kids (they do have a lot of stuffies and dress up, but they love them).

  • Small earrings in cute/geeky themes (like really small, under 1cm please, bigger earrings won’t get worn)


  • Wool Felt!!!

  • edible ink pens for decorating cookies and other baked goods

  • a pizzelle maker (or similar cookie/waffle iron)

  • a mandolin for slicing vegetables

  • Eraser clay, polymer clay, or airdry clay

  • Leather and/or leather working tools. I have letter stamps and a mallet, but that’s it, I’d really love to try leatherworking.

  • Interesting papers for collage or origami

  • wool roving for needle felting

  • a good pad to needlefelt on

  • cute clever or unusual sewing buttons and/or beads

  • Geeky fabrics (or fabric with prints of other things we like)

  • sketchbooks for the kids and myself

  • Gift cards to amazon/Etsy/etc.

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How does this work? You have to write up what you do or what you like? Then what? Curious.

Thank you, Dusty

It’s all in the top post-- you can read up and join us next time if you want!