Completed dioramas

I have finished my shinning diorama and my pennywise diorama x


Such creepy goodness!

I can’t decide which I like better, great work!

Wow, very creepy! They definitely evoke the atmosphere of the movies.

Thank you everyone x

These are so AWESOME!!

Omg!!! I can’t decide which one I love more! The Shining one is so rad!

These are so great! I love the door in your Shining one.

These are both Amazing!! :+1: :+1:

Thank you all it means a lot x

These are killer (pun intended). They also remind me of Monster HIgh dolls because these were the first two dolls in their Skullector series. Ha!
Amazing detail. I have always been partial to Pennywise, so I gravitate towards that one.

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Thank you , I did enjoy making these x

:star_struck: Well, what do you know, your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :tada:

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Scary and awesome!

it’s nice to know people have looked at what I have made and have commented it means a lot to me x

The shining one gave me goosebumps ! I m just waiting for his face …

Haha ! That would finish it off

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Fantastic work! You nailed the details.
Will you be doing more? Cuz, I wanna see more!

I have done a jaws one which I will post and I have made a gypsy wagon with a fortune teller theme , i am doing a abandoned attic room at the moment I will post on here when it is done.
Thank you for looking at my dioramas x


Oooh, abandoned attic! Can’t wait to see that one!