COMPLETED: Hoopla Swap Round 1 - signups end 7/16

Just sent in my Q, this is my first LC swap… I used to swap all the time, I just haven’t gotten back into it. I like how it challenges and pushes me, plus it means I actually get crafts done!


Hi!!! :slight_smile: Welcome back to the game. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Partners! I’ll send out Questionnaires shortly.

Partners :
geekgirl roler
saintcady artsycandace
bugaboo homerof2
Lilyleaper Smeddley
skrutt Edel

Yay!!! Partners!

Picked a topic and made some plans!

Oh dear, so many good topics to choose from! This will take a lot of thinking… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I got analysis paralysis coming up with ideas. I thought I had decided on something. Went to my craft room to get fabric and found the perfect fabric for a different theme.


I missed it. I MISSED IT.

I’m going to follow y’all closely! I can’t wait to see what you make!


I got in a groove and made lots of progress last night.

I’m feeling in need of some advice though. I haven’t made a ton of hoops in the past - how do you folks finish the backs? Or do you? Tips/tricks/guidance?

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I may be in the minority here but I actually prefer my hoop backs unfinished! It makes it really easy to just hang them up on the wall by the inside of the hoop itself, and they’re lighter that way and you’re not going to see the back unless you actually take it off the wall and look anyway! I usually just hot glue the edges of the cloth to the inside of the back of the hoop.

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I hope y’all don’t mind me dropping in to comment. I do many different things, but this post is probably my go-to method for finishing.

After gathering the fabric, I will pin the felt in the 4 directions just so they don’t move as I stitch around. I use the outside of the inside hoop as a template to cut the felt. But I have received many hoops, and they are finished many different ways!


I’m the same, gives me more options for hangers to use and not rely on the closure part only


I did, too! :sob: I missed ALL the swaps I wanted to do. I had some life stuff going on, and when I popped back in everything had closed already! There was almost no staggering this round, which makes me sad. I will have to just admire the galleries and hope that they come around again soon.

I haven’t opened up the 12 days of Christmas swap yet!


Okay, to be fair, I know I will not be signing up for that one. :laughing: I don’t have it in me this year, as my husband and I will be going to GA to celebrate with his family (my first time meeting his siblings & nieces/nephew!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was aiming for either Hooplas, Mug Rugs, or Ninnis, all of which were at basically the same time, and I was literally a day late when I logged back in. sigh Perhaps I should take that as a sign and finish the projects I’m supposed to be doing around my home…maybe…

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Yay, I have decided on a hoopla! Now to gather supplies …. Another fun part of swapping!

OK, I’ve got my idea, and about to get started! Whee!

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I decided to go back to my original idea and I’m happy with how it’s going so far


Wow, I started seven hours ago and just put my head down and did the whole thing in one sitting! Oof, my back hurts, but sometimes crafting trances like that feel really good! XD

Just need to finish off the back tomorrow and get it ready for mailing! :slight_smile:


I’ve totally missed posting on this thread. I’m here!

And @JoyfulClover Ahmed @EriChanHime I’m so sorry you missed these, I’m happy to do a personal swap if you want you ‘unofficially’ play.