Continued Adventures in Art Journaling

I did a couple more spreads in my art journal recently. This one is collage (including some old Scattergories/Cranium sheets) and stenciling. Much happier with my stenciling here than in my last page – lessons learned.

On this one, I glued down the flower image, made some Sharpie scribbles all over the background, and then finger painted the pink and green. Finished off with some paint drips and journaled some song lyrics quickly and sloppily so as to be intentionally unreadable.

Thanks for looking!

(Journal: Basic Starter Art Journal from a Grocery Bag)


I REALLY like the effect of the scribbled lyrics. I’d initially assumed it was thin white paint (bad eyesight and small screen), but to get that textured effect with words and hidden meaning instead is a rather exciting prospect!
“Behold your canvas” is such a great thing to have peeking through the layers. :smile:

That pink is outstanding.

It’s just gel pen! It’s a great way to embrace the journaling aspect of it while being deathly afraid of having anyone read your journaling. (The downside being that you’re also out of luck if you want to go back and read it later yourself, but I’m not currently worried about that.) The other thing I’m excited to try is journaling first and then obscuring it with the art layers. The “Behold your canvas” is from a Cranium pad, and I’m super happy it was still visible.

I’m not traditionally a pink person, but I do like a hot/bubble gum pink. That page is even brighter in person. The green paint is new to me, and it’s very bright. Probably need to use it in smaller sections next time.


Your stenciling looks good and I love your colors.

I always art over any real journaling I do. I don’t want anyone going back to read it, even me.

Those turned out very nice. I particularly like the first one!