Cooler weather shorts

More shorts!!! You’ve gotta know now that I LOVE shorts, and I’ve been wanting make more shorts for cooler weather, to wear with my colourful snags (tho admittedly these are nowhere near my most colourful ones, but I thought they’d match the pocket colour… which they don’t, lol!), and when I saw this lovely grey flocked ponte roma I knew it would be perfect!! :sparkling_heart:

I used my own adapted pattern which I use for almost all of my shorts, apparently I have no hips so standard shorts/trouser patterns fit really weird on me, so I pieced together my own a while back :wink:

I feel like a turn up always makes shorts look a little more classy, but the inside was a straight grey, so I had to kind of force a faux turn up so I could have the pattern on it iyswim. I think it works tho :face_with_peeking_eye:

And of course you know I had to have pockets, duh. So I used some purple jersey that I had in my stash for a nice colour pop, I :purple_heart: a feature pocket!

Yes, I’m afraid I didn’t pattern match again, but hey that fabric has such a busy design no-one will notice surely?!

And of course… obligatory Rosie photobombs (sneaky gal is in the pic above too, did ya spot her??)…

… followed by comedy shot, not sure what I was doing there… I suspect jazz hands were in effect…

Hope you like :melting_face:
Loops xx


Lovely, I need more shorts in my life!! Does Rosie get a matching pair??

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I love everything about them! The fabric, your pattern draft, the pockets, (but mostly, your pup.)

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Very cute! Love the feature pocket and the feature pupper!

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@Renstar - Alas I don’t have enough left to make her a matching outfit this time, lol. You have got a sneak peek of her next “mummy and me” though… :wink:

These are SUPER cute!

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Awesome! Love the faux turn up.

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So much fun!

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I am a huge snags fan and never even thought about wearing them with shorts!!!

I just love all the details…the pockets, the fake cuffs, and the color!

Always a joy to see your posts!

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I’ve got some of their rainbow fishnets, I think they’ll be great with these shorts too!! Downfall is that most of the snags I have, have Halloween designs on them, but most of the clothes I make also have heavy patterns, lol, so I need to start making some simpler clothes so I can highlight the snags eh! (I’m not sponsored by snags btw, lol!!!)

You’re hilarious.

I really like the alternate colored pockets!

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:grin: :crazy_face: Thanks!

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