Copperized Ceramic Turkey

Since moving into the mountains almost 8 years ago, I have collected vintage turkey tchotchkes to decorate with in November. I like them either on the kitschy side or super high end. Well, I doubt I’ll ever even see any of the super high end ones in person let alone own any, so kitschy it is! I also like to decorate with copper tones in November.

This guy was just a little too nice, but not super duper nice. Also, it didn’t have that vintage vibe that I Iove in a turkey tchotchke, but I got him for a gobble/song as an estate sale company was packing up after a 2-day sale last winter.

So, I gave him a good scrub with some steel wool and then a thorough wash & dry to get off any oily residue and dust. Next I primed and painted him with ye olde rattle cans that I had on hand.

While I still have plenty of time before November rolls around and a few more Halloween projects in mind, I realized that my “painting booth” would soon revert its full capacity back to it’s primary purpose: being a wood shed, so I decided to hop to on this turkey.

Speaking of turkey, here is our personal flock enjoying a warm autumn afternoon.



This is so much better than the original (but I also find the original slightly terrifying). Yours looks like it came from one of those high-end catalogs.


I love this!! He looks pretty high end to me, too!

Thanks, friends!

IRL turkeys kind of are terrifying!

Aw, you! I guess he has kind of a West Elm version of high-end going on, but he doesn’t have 1st Dibs high-end thing going on. :wink:

So fancy! I love his pumpkin butt. Nice job!

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what an upgrade! Was he heavy? He looks heavy

Thanks everyone!

He’s not very heavy at all! You know birds and their hollow bones and all. :wink:


I like the transformation. The copper adds a new level to him.

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Thanks! I thought that the ceramic had enough texture details that he would work as a monochromatic piece.

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That’s really cool! I like the original too, but can definitely see how this is an upgrade!

He looks so stately in his copper coat. The original colors are kind of gaudy! Now I’ll be checking out the thrift stores for what kind of tacky things I can spray paint into awesomeness…

Looks like Delia is bowing before her turkey overlord.

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So much more cool than the original.

(Also, please pet Delia for me STAT.)

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Thanks, pals!

It’s a pretty quick and satisfying project!


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What a great upgrade!


I just put this big guy out today with the rest of his flock.

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Ooh, you have more? I think turkeys are hilarious and cute.

I do! We’ve a hoard of wild ones around and they crack me up, so when I find kitschy ones at thrift stores and garage sales I get 'em! I snapped this panorama of the piano turkeys this afternoon.

There are also a bunch of smaller ones that spend November on a narrow shelf/ledge thing.

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That’s fabulous! I’m a little jealous. We have lots of turkeys around here, too, and, yes, their antics are wonderful.

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