Coral Floral Barkcloth Pillow Cover


I picked up this coral and ivory barkcloth on clearance at a local fabric shop late last year with a throw pillow in mind. Since spring is working hard to come to our little part of the mountains, I decided now was the time for some bright, springy color!


Just for fun, I turned the pattern 90 degrees for the other side. I had this fun flower trim in my stash - I picked it up on clearance a couple years ago and while it’s intended for formalwear, I think it’ll be fine on the sofa of a couple of adults and an elderly dog. :wink: It’s hand stitched and was applied after the pillow as sewn.


The zipper was a 24" stash piece that I cut down. It’s hidden under the flower trim.


The owner of the fabric shop made a jacket with the blue version of this fabric which is super cute! The shop is a great follow on IG (theconfidentstitch). Great tips and funny little videos that sewists and quilters can really appreciate.


Love! And always love a good IG follow suggestion!

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What a fun and cheery cover! That teaser pic of the trim was no clue to me…ha…what a beautiful find…perfect!

Yet another lovely pillow!

I used that type of trim on a shirt; it held up through dozens of machine wash/dry cycles, and still looked good when donated.
Indestuctible polyester; it and the cockroaches will outlast us all. I wonder if the cockroaches will be wearing prom dresses in a million years…


The touch of the rose trim really elevates this! Great fabric find too!

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Fabulous! That trim is perfect.

I love, love, love that fabric! And it’s a cool touch to have the other side go the opposite direction. Not only is the trim fun and quirky, but it also does a good job concealing the the zip.

Thanks so much everyone!

The shop has a weekly (?) sewing gathering that I think I should get into. I think I will meet people I have several things in common with there.


That’s great to hear!

They probably are roses, but I just always thought of them as peonies! Probably because I love peonies and roses I could take or leave.

Thanks! I feel like serendipity intervened with having that on hand!

Thanks! I like a touch that shows my “little weirdsies” like this!

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You are getting so great at hiding zippers! That looks awesome. The pattern is like bow ties.

Aw, thanks! Funny you should say that about the bow ties, TheMisterT calls it “the maxi-pad pillow”. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I wasn’t going to say…
Just keep it turned bow tie sideways? LOL, he’s funny.

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