Corgi Donut Embroidery

I fell in love with this digital stamp and knew it had to be stitched up. Everyone should be as happy as a corgi napping in a donut.


He’s gonna be sticky when he wakes up! :smile:

So very cute!


I love this so much! :heart:

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I want to nap on a donut. :doughnut:

This is adorable, Pam!

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That is so stinkin’ cute!

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Life goals for sure.

This is one of the cutest ones you have done! A doggie in a donut…awwww

He’s adorable!!!

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OMG, he’s adorable!

He is so perfect. So adorable. :heart:

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:smiley::smiley::rofl::rofl: too cute

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Haha fun and cute too! I’m always amazed by your stitching!

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Sweet! How do you do your tinting? It looks so perfect :sparkles:

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How cute! The corgi looks so blissful on the donut :smiley:

Adorable, and such pretty stitching!

This is precious!

What a cutie!

OMG the cuteness overload! Awesome job :slight_smile:

Ha Corgi napping in a donut - reminds me I must add corgicorns to my loved themes for every swap from now on. This is wonderful!