Corner Kitchen / Garden Shed 1:12 Scale

I was feeling under the weather for past days, so I decided to play and put some stuff up. Heavy pics coming :heart_eyes:
Happy Holidays to Everyone Hopeful for a Wonderful New Year! :tada::clinking_glasses::tulip:


Wow this is just fabulous, so much work and you’ve got some really clever details. I love the brickwork and the tin roof.

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That is just darling! How did you make the little dishes?

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Wow, this is amazing, I love all the detail

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Lovely work! Are the sinks from butter pats they give you when you take out? I got so excited to see something I recognized because you miniature people have such an eye of what something can be!

The outside of the garden center is just as detailed with those pots!


Thank you guys. @Edel, @MistressJennie, @seeuudee :heart_eyes:

@MissingWillow dishes are made from polymer clay and air dry clays. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@AIMR yes it’s the takeout container from small butter and jams :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just love this!

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Wow! I’m impressed that you made this from scratch! It’s such a cozy, happy scene!

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Thank you @kittykill & @craftADDchick! :heart_eyes:

Wow! I love it :heart_eyes:

That is simply marvelous! You’ve included so many details.