Cotton Print Panel-embellished Flour Sack Towel

I just couldn’t help myself and decided to make another little gift for our Christmas Eve Dinner guest. I have had this cotton print panel for ages - it’s not vintage, but at least based on vintage illustrations.

I hadn’t ever had a good idea what to make with it, but then had the idea to add it to a flour sack towel! Along with a bit of ric rac. So now it’s an embellished kitchen/tea towel! I did cut the sides of the towel to the same width as the panel.

All materials were from stash. Sorry for the weird lighting; I finished after dark and wanted to get it wrapped up and ready.


Shut up! That is adorable!

Oh my gosh it’s just like my dad’s childhood books! I love that style of illustration! I can just picture the kittens who lost their mittens, in that style.

Great idea!

Lucky houseguest! That is over-the-top cuteness, right there.

That is so cute!

This is so much fun!

Awwww, thanks everyone!

So fun!

Thank you!