Cow jump ornament

Hubby really likes the animal domes, and asked me to make one for his friend whose birthday is today. He’s been such a good boy lately, I made her this.

It was all done, sealed up, and I started to tie on the hanger, when the top bead slipped through the hole because it was too small. Cow and moon (which are suspended with bits of jewelry eye pins) puddled at the bottom. Forceps and a bigger bead fixed it.

It’s a plastic wine glass dome, a toy cow, miniature dish and spoon, and the moon is the base from a bottlebrush tree covered with a scrap of holographic paper, with faces drawn on both sides.


This is lovely! It’s got all the whimsy of the original nursery rhyme but doesn’t come off as childish.

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I like this one a lot! So whimsical!

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What a fun and whimsical ornament!

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This is so you, @steiconi : a dash of eccentricity, a flash of bling, and a whole lot of fun!


Haha. So true!

Love the nursery rhyme inspiration!

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this is pretty awesome

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Hey diddle diddle! This is so dang cool!


Cool cloche diorama!

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This is a hoot! These little diorama ornaments are amazing!

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