Craft table

This is my craft table. Many years ago my ex-husband and I found an air hockey/ping-pong table at garage sale for 35 bucks. I immediately covered it with contact paper and used it as my craft table. It is a wonderful work surface. One of the greatest things about it is the storage underneath. It holds, nine storage bins with drawers and a huge kiln I’m terrified to use. :flushed:


What a great table!
And it’s totally clear of stuff. That’s a rare sight, at least in my house :smiley:
Very inviting to just sit and craft.

It’s a nice huge clear space to work! If the contact paper gets ratty, you can recover it…smart idea!

That’s an awesome work space. You could really spread out on that table. And I adore storage!!

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My friend uses a pool table with a sheet of plywood on top as her mosaic and stained glass work table. Kind of large, but she has multiple areas for crafting.

What a genius idea, to convert it to a craft table!

Wow, now that’s an amazing deal! What a great work space