Craft Through Coronavirus Craftalong

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Coronavirus is sweeping the world. Cancelling big games, long-anticipated visits, family trips, and even going to the craft store. How are we going to get through this? I hear you ask. There’s only one way my Friends; Together.

So let’s do what we makers do best. Let’s craft our way through our stashes. Let’s make art and beauty during daunting moments. Let’s inspire one another. Let’s craft as a source of radical, unabashed joy.

This Craftalong has no hard and fast dates, and no rules. No one will hold you accountable for making something or not making something on any particular day. You are welcome to share a list of things you’d like to accomplish, or to just go where the muses take you. It will give you a way to support and love one another during an unprecedented event.

I promise you this: while the world seems crazy and scary and uncertain right now, we will absolutely get through this, and we’ll do it together.

So who’s with me?
@sheepBlue @PerfectlyBohemian @Abbeeroad @Edel @racky @AIMR @calluna @kittykill @Lynx and every other Lettuce head out there!
:white_heart: :cupcake: :heart: :yarn: :orange_heart: :art: :yellow_heart: :soap: :green_heart: :microbe: :blue_heart: :thread: :purple_heart: :fried_egg: :black_heart:


yes please


I’m in.

Painting rocks.
Finishing up 5+ junk journals.
Strip quilt blocks.
Painting papers for master boards, book pages, and fish!


Yes! Thank you!!


Hahaha you read my mind. The quilt I’m currently working on has already been dubbed the Corona Quilt.


I’m supposed to sub officially starting May 5 for a teacher who will be going on maternity leave. It could be earlier. She plans on naming her baby Cora. It’s so close to Corona. I wonder if she’ll change her mind? Also, I am worried for her, and sad that there’s a big chance school will remain closed.


Oooh, I’m down! I was too scattered to start a real project today, so I started making some paper beads from the cover of a garden supply catalog. :sunflower: :herb:


Crafting with friends like @StudioANF and @geekgirl is one of my favorite things to do :blue_heart: I’ll see what I can do to be more sharing for sure!


Crafting rally!

Yes, I am going to craft through this…please please post food as well since I am going to be challenged to eat meals at home!

I am already struggling with some breathing issues (pollen allergies?), so I can’t chance going out much no matter what…

I am working on a miniature in the hopes of getting it done for the challenge!


I was thinking the same thing but had no ideas so I asked my FB friends for suggestions. They are not crafty people. In practicing " social distancing" all materials must come from my craft stash. I’m hoping their imaginations get going and they share some fun ideas.


Welcome to NC for sure! It’s like even if I venture out I’m afraid people will think I have Corona virus when I just have allergies.

I am trying to work my way through my online Wanderlust courses and I started a c2c blanket (my first c2c).
It’s a good thing it’s super easy to pick up - I watched a video but I was so distracted by how the woman was holding her crochet hook I had to keep rewinding.


I’m in, for my first craft. I’m going to put down the newspaper -Corona news- and make a rhubarb pie



Yes please! I need a good Corona Craft. :thinking:


Might be able to disconnect daughter from screens for short periods of time to craft with me. Got her to spend a few minutes in the kitchen with my mom, they are attempting to make strawberry jam (maybe we’ll do some learning around this subject).


Rhubarb pie. I didn’t put in enough sugar, but it’s still yummy.

The design on the top is my love winging it’s way across the waves to all you lovely lettuce crafter’s

Photo has weird lighting, and it’s sideways. But it tastes good


I’m in; we have a daily schedule that includes “art time.” :slight_smile:


Let’s do iitt! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is a great idea. And with the social distancing, a great way to try to use up stash as well. I know I have enough yarn and paper and paint to create for years without needing to go to a craft store again! :slight_smile:


Absolutely; social distancing is my normal hermit way of life, so I’ma keep on keeping on with making things, cooking things, and enjoying the arrival of spring at home while I telework!

I just bought batting for a quilt/coverlet I’ve been meaning to make out of an existing duvet cover, so that is my main priority. But bigger than that project, I think it is appropriate to use my time at home to finally adopt a dog and get some bonding and house-training time in. :heart:

I might also be absent because I just completed initial training to become an end-of-life doula, and so I’m processing a lot of my inner stuff and how society approaches grief, loss and death (very relevant for this time)…Super interesting and rewarding, but it is drawing me further inward.

Nevertheless, creating is the way through it all (and hydration and hygiene, of course). Big virtual hugs to all you parents who have the kids stuck at home (or stuck far away), and anyone who went from feeling lonely before to now feeling lonely AND isolated. I can’t help with anything kiddo-related, but I encourage anyone in the latter situation to reach out and interact in this community and wherever else encouraging people congregate online. We of the online crafting world have some big advantages in coping with the circumstances. And having a project to focus on that diverts our attention from the scrolling screen of tantalizing bad news is very healthy.


This reminds of literature/history throughout history. When things start going south and scary, we create. It is the one thing that we have control over. Even in the Iliad, they talk about a woman in worry and crafting to settle herself.