Crafted in my Style: A Winter Scene for a Winter Day

I usually have good intentions to participate in the monthly Craft in your Style and then I get busy and forget. Luckily, another member posted in the thread and that reminded me I really wanted to do this months!

So, I decided to paint over an older 11x14 inch pour painting while leaving some of it shown to create my piece. Let’s work in reverse so you can see it in stages.

My finished piece:

With some background paint and beginning to layer trees:

The pour painting (in poor lighting):

I’m really happy with how it turned out!
Thanks for looking.


Nice! Reminds me of these new stamps. I’ll send you a letter with one for your collection :slight_smile:


You captured the brrr-wintery scene!!

I love that you repurposed another painting …or just added to it, really…the pour was a wonderful backdrop!

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Very nice.

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Wonderful! I love how you can see the previous piece peeking through the layers.


Are you sure you didn’t make this pour with just this art in mind?