Crafting for Good?

I found a group with patterns and info for donating stuff for the animals in Australia. I don’t see a location yet for crafting for good info? I know a lot of us do that.

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Would it fit within the Craftalong category, maybe?

Just chatted with @kittykill and we love this idea. Maintaining a directory for charities and resources gets outdated pretty quickly, so we’d like to avoid that. But a Craftalong! Now we’re talking. :raised_hands:

@fatewineroses, if you want to start it as a Craftalong, go for it! You could even do charity craftalong where you have a poll to vote for a new charity project each month, quarter, etc.

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It could be a really cool craft along. Each month/quarter pick a new charity or a theme. Do a poll to help pick the charity. I think they way people will stay engaged.


Yes! This is a great idea which I imagine will get lots of attention.
I will participate for sure if one quarter includes @underthemountain’s literacy project! I love making bookmarks for the kids. They are easy to make and inexpensive to ship :).


Aw, thank you @Magpie! Small Things Matter would love to be considered for a charity craftalong!
You have spoiled us with so many wonderful bookmarks already, but of course we’d love more! We will be doing our first distribution at a new school addition in March and would love to have bookmarks to go along with the books. -Rox


Great minds think alike.
There’s already a crafting for good craftalong in the works :slight_smile:

Come join us!

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That would be a great project to support! We have already started a project for the first quarter, but this would be great for the second quarter if you’re okay with it?

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Of course someone thought of this!!! :laughing: I’m so happy. I can’t participate this quarter. Still have about five projects in the queue to finish before I take on anything else. But would love to be an ongoing part of this.


I was denied access to this:

:pensive: Why?

The title of that thread has been updated since the reply was made here. Here it is

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