Cranberry gelatin

Now’s the time to go through the pantry and freezer and use up all the old stores of food squirreled away. There was a bag of frozen cranberries from thanksgiving or xmas that we blanched, soaked in simple syrup and dried in the dehydrator. The left over liquid was so vibrant and fragrant, I thought why waste it? Surely it can be transformed into something delicious. A sprinkle of gelatin in cold water later and we’ve got JELLO!

It set up beautifully and just look at that glorious natural crimson.


It is lovely, but there is no way I can eat jello or gelatin of any kind…it is a texture thing for me just like peanut butter…

But, I am intrigued by your mind constantly finding ways not to waste ANYTHING! You are indeed a genius at that!

Great idea! I have gelatin on hand for making marshmallows. Which now makes me want to make some marshmallows…


So pretty and so clever!

Heh-- I have been staring at a long-frozen bag of blueberries and contemplating popsicles… :green_heart:

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We dehydrated some frozen fruit. Blueberry puree can get a bit weirdly gel-foamy if you know what I mean? But mixed with other fruit puree it makes excellent fruit leather, works in a dehydrator or the oven on low. Or, mmm, apple blueberry butter, crock pot style. Oh yum.


I am so going to dehydrate some frozen fruit. Thank you for the suggestion!

It is taking a pretty long time and we used teflex sheets so the juice that ran out we were able to scrape up and eat like gummy candy. Ridiculously delicious. We sliced up some Cara-Cara oranges, they are super good!

My bff from high school was the same way.Jello creeped her out.

I, however, do like it and having it made from fresh-now frozen/dehydrated items is super cool.

I am not a cook, so being creative that way is not in my wheelhouse. I love seeing your creations.

I don’t like jello either! Lol, only teenmanboy does but that’s ok. I like when the kids ask for specific stuff & I can teach them fun ways to make it :slightly_smiling_face:

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My husband keeps buying canned fruit cocktail…I thought about putting it in jello for him to eat…he likes fruit in the stuff but not veggies. I wonder if it will set properly as it does have some pineapple in it.

If not it would probably be interesting blended & frozen for fruit/juice popsicles.

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Good idea! It is nearly 80 degrees here today…