Crane Obidomes

I’ve always loved birds - egrets especially. As a child I thought cranes and egrets were the same bird, but it turns out they aren’t. :slight_smile: I haven’t made a crane in almost five years. I have had the bases for these crane obidomes sitting on my desk for almost two years and thought it was time to make new ones. I still have more crane bases to finish, which I plan to turn into brooches, but I did one of each style - flying and dancing - just to get the feel for them.

Those two cranes are obidomes, or decorative pieces that slide onto an obijime, a rope-like tie that holds an obi in place when you wear kimono.

I covered the back of these bases with crane-themed chiyogami paper, sealed them with a few coats of PVA glue, and added the obidome converter to the back. Many craft shops in Japan sell these converters so that people can turn existing brooches or other objects that have on hand into obidomes.

I wrote a bit more detailed of a write up about how these obidomes were made on my blog, if you’re interested in reading about them:



These are so pretty! I like egrets, also.

Wow! I am totally blown away! This is stunning.

Those are so cool!

Stunning! (insert no regrets/no egrets pun here)