Crayon Art

Tried out the medium with kids on 8x10 canvases from dollar store and broken crayons from around the house. Was a fantastic learning opportunity (usually I just go all in on the large project). For a gift we made a 12x24 for my brother in law, mounted the crayons above the canvas instead of on the canvas and really let the melting commence. The kids LOVED it (esp the little vinyl cuts I did for them!) and I cannot wait to give this on xmas day!

Some things I discovered is that the different colors actually melted kind of differently. If the tips of the crayons weren’t aligned on the melting side then they tended to form a single stream instead of independent color streams. Oracal 651 doesn’t stick super well to canvas so should have de-tacked the transfer tape before putting it on. Used the heat gun to help the vinyl stick down on the final project which worked great. The project left the edges of the canvas kind of messy which I didn’t really know what to do with but it’s ok I think.

For those that do this a lot I would love your tips and tricks. I loved doing this and could see making some more this year.


The umbrella details are really clever!

What a fun project to do with the kiddos! I can see why you liked them, they turned out great!!

The dinosaurs with LITTLE UMBRELLAS! dies of teh cute Very nicely done project, and very clever. :smiley:

Oh my goodness. These turned out great! The umbrella is such a fun addition.

Oh, these are adorable! I’m going to make some with the kiddos over break.

I’ve made a few of these and found it’s best to have points on the crayons, have them all lined up at the melting edge and use a hair dryer rather than a heat gun. I found if you let them warm slowly, they made a nicer design.

I also made some in the summer and let them melt in the sun. Word of warning though if trying this, put protection between the board and whatever you set it on to melt. I didn’t and the oil from the crayons stained my wooden deck.

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I love the idea of letting them melt in the sun!!! In Texas we have plenty of hot sun to do this in the summer. In the sun, did you keep the wrappers on the crayons or off?

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I kept the wrappers on because I had them as part of the picture.

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