Crazy Eights Shawl

My friends got married last year (Finally after about 100 years of saying they were), it was the hottest summer on record (I think) but i wanted a shawl for the evening just in case it got to cool. I already had 2 WIP shawls (still WIPs) that were going to take too long to finish and wouldn’t go with my dress, so I parked them an made this:

I’m pretty sure I shared it in the shawl-along, but I know I never make individual posts.

I had made it before so knew it was an easy pattern that didn’t require too much concentration.
I still don’t own a crazy eights shawl (lost first one, gave this one to a friend after not using it at the wedding)

Ravelry link: Ravelry: Crazy Eights Shawl pattern by PurpleIguana
May / June 2022 finish.


Nice! I’ve been looking for patterns that are lighter since I am in a warm climate now. I usually need some sort of covering in the air conditioning…most places are way too cold, I guess to make sure the heat from outside seem hotter still… :rofl:.

I am glad you got it done!

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Very pretty shawl!

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It’s so delicate, but also has a real presence.

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Very pretty! Lucky friend!

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That’s very pretty. Light but striking.

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Very pretty! Elegant and dainty…perfect for a wedding accessory!