Create an app for lettucecraft?

wondering if LettuceCraft could end up w/an app tied to the site? I think it would be more user-friendly on-the-go and could yield more frequent interactions

Just a friendly thought/idea!

I think the site is super mobile friendly as it is.

I have lc saved to my home page and it opens up separately from my chrome app and I am curious how it happen.


Thank you for suggesting!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s designed to be very mobile-responsive within a browser app, so no current plans to build a separate app right now. Maybe in the very, very distant future if manpower and funds someday allowed, but definitely not in the short term.

Related, though, could you further expand upon why you’d prefer an app to mobile-friendly? What lack of feature(s) are specifically leading you to desire one?

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I have so far exclusively used LC on mobile (Android) and personally I haven’t encountered any issues at all. Everything works perfectly and there are no lay-out/design issues either.


This is SO great to hear!! Thank you for sharing.

Do you mean it opens a new browser tab? Or does it open a second browser instance?

It’s not a problem or anything, I just thought it was neat.

I have Lc saved as a chrome link on my home page. If I click on it from there, it shows the logo page before the forum loads in. It opens separately from the chrome app. You can see I have multiple tabs open on Chrome and lc is a separate thing running next to it. If I visit LC from my browser it stays in the browser part.


Oooh, I gotcha!

And I oh-so-love that you have it bookmarked on your home screen. :heart::heart::heart:


I have iPhone 6 and LC works beautifully on it.

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I like what I’m seeing here!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Having this button on my homepage is like an app as I can just click it and it takes me straight in and I can use the site no issues.

Only time I have deliberately used my PC was to create my 50 crafts list as used a HTML table which was just easier with a proper keyboard.

Oh and to see featured projects, but we already talked about that @sweets4ever.

I love the fact it’s mobile friendly, it almost is an app! :heart_eyes:


There are featured projects?! I guess I have to get out my laptop after all!

No no! Just click on the burger menu next to your profile pic and you can change to desktop view to check them out. (Desktop view is actually pretty good for mobiles too). Then I just change it back.